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  1. miser
  2. peroration
  3. consequential
  4. promulgate
  5. dnouement
  1. a 2nd def- important
  2. b the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot
  3. c to make known by open declaration, publish
  4. d long speech characterized by lofty or pompous language
  5. e a stingy person

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  1. frantic, frenzied
  2. proper
  3. making or having a harsh sound
  4. lack, scarcity
  5. moderately warm, luke warm

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  1. castigateto send or consign to an inferior position


  2. concedeto aknowledge as true


  3. discernto perceive by the sight or other sense


  4. subdueflexible, bending readily


  5. disconcertto disturb the self possesion of


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