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  1. subdue
  2. enervate
  3. obstreperous
  4. dearth
  5. quotidian
  1. a to conquer & bring into subjection
  2. b daily
  3. c resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner
  4. d to weaken
  5. e lack, scarcity

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  1. to oppose sucessfully
  2. confer holy upon (confer means consult)
  3. a state of perplexity or uncertainty
  4. a sharp satire directed against something (mock)
  5. incapable of being evaded

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  1. indiginationstrong displeasure @ something unjust, offensive


  2. promulgateto send or consign to an inferior position


  3. pedanticoverly concerned in minute details or showy in school


  4. ignominiousdiscreditable, humilitating, disgraceful


  5. mendaciousfawning, obedient


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