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  1. thwart
  2. discern
  3. ordain
  4. duplicity
  5. dnouement
  1. a confer holy upon (confer means consult)
  2. b the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot
  3. c to perceive by the sight or other sense
  4. d to oppose sucessfully
  5. e double-dealing, speaking or acting 2 diff. ways

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  1. selfish, dirty, filthy
  2. daily
  3. the sate of being frank, open and sincere in speech or expression
  4. slavishly submissive, fawning
  5. easily bent

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  1. supplicateto pray humbly


  2. salutarytending to promote physical well-being


  3. morosea stingy person


  4. excoriateto weaken


  5. garrulousexcessively talkative


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