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  1. ignominious
  2. dearth
  3. filigree
  4. consequential
  5. pedantic
  1. a overly concerned in minute details or showy in school
  2. b discreditable, humilitating, disgraceful
  3. c delicate oramental work of gold, silver, etc
  4. d 2nd def- important
  5. e lack, scarcity

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  1. a person who pretends to know more knowledge than he possesses, a quack
  2. having absolute rule
  3. a sharp satire directed against something (mock)
  4. telling lies, dishonest
  5. sleight of hands, legerdemain, trickery

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  1. hubrisexcessive pride, arrogance


  2. extollto praise highly of


  3. indiginationstrong displeasure @ something unjust, offensive


  4. coquettea seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men


  5. gainsayto deny


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