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  1. jejune
  2. mendacious
  3. disconcert
  4. beseech
  5. coquette
  1. a a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
  2. b to implore urgently, beg eagerly
  3. c telling lies, dishonest
  4. d without interest or significance
  5. e to disturb the self possesion of

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  1. revise, edit
  2. flexible, bending readily
  3. strong displeasure @ something unjust, offensive
  4. to shower to be false, contradict
  5. incapable of being evaded

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  1. relegaterevise, edit


  2. consequential2nd def- important


  3. servileslavishly submissive, fawning


  4. duplicitya trait, characteristic, something odd


  5. tepidmoderately warm, luke warm


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