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  1. disconcert
  2. lassitude
  3. superannuate
  4. prestidigitation
  5. countenance
  1. a lack or energy, listless, languor
  2. b sleight of hands, legerdemain, trickery
  3. c to disturb the self possesion of
  4. d verb - to permit or tolerate
  5. e to retire, become old, etc

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  1. discreditable, humilitating, disgraceful
  2. fawning, obedient
  3. to make weak
  4. slavishly submissive, fawning
  5. without interest or significance

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  1. invidiousdiscreditable, humilitating, disgraceful


  2. castigateto send or consign to an inferior position


  3. miserto perceive by the sight or other sense


  4. consequential2nd def- important


  5. ordainconfer holy upon (confer means consult)


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