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Protestant reformation

the posting of the ninety five theses on the church door in Whittenburg, Germany mark the beginning of the _______ ______

Martin Luther

franciscian priest and augustinian friar Germany who made the 95 theses

the abuse of indulgences

what was martin luther's major complaint against the church


started out as a good thing, but turned into paying the priests money to forgive your sins

Luther's views became radical and he began to question all of the good works of the church including the pope,mass, and the sacraments.

explain how luther's attitude toward the church changed from reformer to rebel and what consequences did he face

the printing press

what new invention helped spread Luther's ideas across europe


Who made these changes to the church?
1.went from unmarried priests to married ministers
2. went from a latin mass to a german prayer service

the diet of ausburg

what compromise ended the battle between lutherans and catholics

Diet of augberg

The ____ _ _____ stated that the german princes could choose to stay catholic or become lutheran

baptism and eucharist

what two sacraments were regonized by the lutherans

John Calvin

He was a protestant leader that moved from France to Geneva, switzerland

Geneva, switzerland

which city became known as calvinist rome


the belief that when you are born you were chosen by god to either go to heaven or hell

that the real prescence of God was in the Eucharist

what belief did calvin reject


what were the calvinists popularly known as in France

henry VIII

who was given the tile "Defender of the faith"

the pope wouldn't release Henry from his marriage to Quenn Catherine of Aragon

why did Henry and the pope have a falling out

she had failed to give Henry a male heir

why did Henry feel that his marriage to Catherine was invalid

Thomas Cranmer

who did henry get to annul his marriage

the church of england

what was Henry's new church called

King Henry VIII

who is the head of the church of england

everything was practically the same

why did most people not object to Henry's behavior

thomas more and john fisher and they were executed

who were the leading opponents of Henry and what action did Henry take against them

Edward VI (Protestant)

who becomes king after Henry dies

Mary Tudor (Catholic)

edward dies young. Who becomes the ruler of England after him

Elizabeth I (Protestant)

after Mary dies, who becomes the ruler of england

45 years

how long does elizaeth reign

Council of Trent

Council called to counter-act the protestant reformation

the elimination of abuses and the explantation of catholic doctorine

what two topics were clarified in the council of trent

Counter reformation

to answer a reformation by having one of your own

pope Paul III

who is considered the first pope of the counter-reformation popes

the jesuits (society of Jesus)

in order to help spread reform, what religious order did pope paul III approve

1. Catholics recognize the seven sacraments
2. Salvation comes through faith and good works
3. the Church has the last word on interpreting the Bible
4. Catholic faith is based on tradition

the council of trent reaffrimrd the following truths:

saint Ignaitous of Loyola

the society of jesus was founded by

The Jesuits

Which group was known for being
1. the finest teachers
2. missionares

St. Vincent de Paul

who started the Congregation of the missions

St. Teresa of Avila

who founded the Carmelite Order

St. Angela Mercici

who started the Ursuline Order

1. She arrested the Catholic bishops so there could be no ordinations of future preists
2. she ordered the existing clergy to join the church of england
3. She threatened to tax laypeople if they did not attend the protestant church services every sunday.

What was elizabeth's threefold pan to stop Catholicism in England

William Allen

who spoiled Elizabeth's Three-fold plan to eliminate Christianity

he left England and started a seminary in belgium. He sent them back to England and started an underground Catholic church

how did William Allen spoil Elizabeth's plan

she was furious and executed many of the catholic clergy

how did elizabeth react when William Allen spoiled her plan to eliminate Catholics

the absolute monarch

what type of monarch devoloped during the "Age of Kings"

George Calvert

who got permission to start a colony for catholics in the new world

english protestants

who was ireland taken over by

Penal laws

laws designed to deprive the Irish Catholics of land,education,and political power

wherever the discoverers went so did the missionaries

how did the discoveries of north and souh america impact the church

franciscian and dominican friars

columbus's discovery brought evangelization through the work of the

Scientific revolution

the era of scientific thought in Europe during which careful observation of the natural world was made, and accepted beliefs were questioned.

william harvey- circulation of blood
issac newton- laws of gravity

name two scientists at this period of church history


When people were turning to the light of science instead of the dark of the church


did not believe in the bible or divine revelation,but believe there is a supreme being on the basis of reason alone

all of europe

who did the french revolution involve

25 years

the revolution kept the world in turmoil for

the bourbons and the hapsburgs

Most of Catholic Europe was ruled by these 2 families

Clergy, nobility, commoners

Name who was part of each estate:
1st ____, 2nd _____, 3rd____.

the third estate

which estate paid the most taxes

liberty, equality, fraternity

what was the motto of the french revolution

the national assembly

who governed france at the beginning of the revolution

Civil constitution of the clergy

The national assembly issued this decree that required priests and bishops to take an oath to nthe decree. it was designed to control Church affairs. this caused a schism in the Church

Reign of Terror

the french revolution entered a bloody phase known as the

the directory

who directed france when the reign of terror ended

napolean bonaparte

who governed france after the directory

Concordat of 1801

what treaty made peace wiith the pope and napolean bonaparte

all of europe

who does napolean call to defeat england

january 1

solemnity of mary

easter season

When was Ascension

august 15

Assumption of Mary

november 1

All Saints Day

december 8

Immaculate Conception

december 25


holy days

attend sunday mass and ____ ____of obligation


attend ______ mass and holy days of obligation

holy communion

receive ____ _________ at least once a year during the lenten season and confess any serious sins within one year


receive holy communion at least once a year during the ______ season and confess any serious sins within one year


receive holy communion at least once a year during the lenten season and confess any serious sins within one ____


study church teachings throughout ____


observe ________ laws and give religious training to your children


observe marriage laws and give _________ training to your children


support your ______, parish and the pope


do _______- observe the laws of lent


join the __________ work of the church


year of pentecost


year of council of jerusalem


year emperor nero burns rome and blames the christians for it


year edict of milan is signed


year of council of nicea


year of benedictine rule was written


year of charlemagne crowned as holy emperor of Rome


year of east-west schism


year of crusade called by pope urban II


year of beginning of dominican and franciscian orders of friars


year of the great schism


year of beginning of protestant reformation


year of council of trent


year of colony of maryland established in the new world


year of the beginning of the french revolution


year concordat of 1801 is signed

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