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  1. Waiting for Godot
  2. Othello
  3. The Importance of Being Earnest
  4. War and Peace
  5. Death of a Salesman
  1. a John Worthing, Algernon Moncrieff, Gwendolen Fairfax, Cecily Cardew
  2. b Willy Loman, Biff Loman, Linda Loman, Happy Loman
  3. c Desdemona, Iago, Michael Cassio, Roderigo
  4. d Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo, Lucky
  5. e Pierre Bezukhov, Andrew Bolkonski, Prince Bolkonski, Mary Bolkonskaya

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  1. Aunt Polly, Becky Thatcher, Joe Harper, Sid
  2. Aeneas, Dido, Turnus, Latinus
  3. Heathcliff, Catherine, Edgar Linton, Nelly Dean
  4. Walter Lee Younger, Beneatha Younger, Lena Younger, Ruth Younger
  5. Amanda Wingfield, Amanda Wingfield, Tom Wingfield, Jim O'Connor

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  1. Billy BuddKing Hrothgar, Grendel, Grendel's Mother, Wealhtheow


  2. Brave New WorldJohn, Bernard Marx, Helmholtz Watson, Lenina Crowne


  3. Invisible ManNapoleon, Snowball, Boxer, Squealer


  4. The CrucibleJohn Proctor, Abigail Williams, John Hale, Elizabeth Proctor


  5. Moby DickIshmael, Ahab, Starbuck, Queequeg


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