710/800 week 2 vocabulary

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a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force, or someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

fit something in

to make time for something in a busy schedule

get over a hurdle

to pass a challenge


a difficult and inconvenient ordeal

further down the road

in the future

juggling work

handling a variety of responsibilities

social life

time with friends and family

on the basis of

based on

to work out a problem

to solve a problem or provide a solution

cross my mind

to think about briefly

be on your own

be alone

to make it

to be successful


(adj.) nauseated or uneasy; causing nausea or uneasiness; troubled

it takes guts to

it requires courage to...


to draw little pictures

sweat out something

to work hard and finish something

psyche yourself up

to convince yourself to do something difficult

psyche yourself out

to convince yourself that something is too difficult for you

plod (through)

to walk slowly or heavily/
to work through something slowly and with difficulty

key word

important word

boil down to

to reduce to the basic meaning

a sure sign

convincing evidence

here and there

in no organized fashion


to disagree with something just because you want to disagree

have enough

to be tired and frustrated

don't hesitate

do it quickly

cover all the bases

take care of a variety of duties from different places

tear your hair out

be very frustrated


a person who lives alone and refuses to see people

sit around

do nothing and be lazy

before you know it


breaking point

the place where you are ready to quit or stop - it comes from the straw that broke the camel's back. Too many responsibilites were piled on the camel over time until finally someone put on the last straw and the camel's back broke

the last straw

the final frustrating thing that causes a change
It comes from the straw that broke the camel's back. Too many responsibilites were piled on the camel over time until finally someone put on one last straw and the camel's back broke.

sneak up on you

to quietly approach

get carried away

to go too far doing something because you are too enthusiastic

single handedly

to do something difficult by yourself

hang around

spend time somewhere

see the handwriting on the wall

to see an important message that no one has actually said

decent job

a good job

have a fit

to get angry and yell

draw away from

to leave slowly


too much to handle

simmer down

to calm down

hang tough

to continue in a difficult situation until it is over


not good

don't kid yourself

don't fool yourself

strike you as

to give an impression as

a world of difference

to make a great big improvement


too many too count

no shame in

you should be able to do something, it is common and normal

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