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  1. Turmoil
  2. Leisurely
  3. Status
  4. Seclusion
  5. Random
  1. a prestige
  2. b irregular
  3. c in an easygoing or unhurried way
  4. d isolation from others, solitude
  5. e a state of great confusion or disorder

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  1. to steal one's property entrusted to one's care
  2. loud, violent talk
  3. to be plentiful, be filled
  4. the act of making clear or understandable, an explanation
  5. one piece at a time

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  1. Mellowsoft, sweet, and rich


  2. Lethargicwandering, moving about from place to place


  3. Despondentunhurried, taking plenty of time


  4. Braggartboastful in a loud, annoying way


  5. Reinforceirregular


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