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  1. Panth
  2. Indigenous
  3. Dasam Granth
  4. Amrit
  5. Kami
  1. a The religious community in Sikhism
  2. b Nectar made with sugar and water, symbolizing the sweetness of compassion
  3. c Native to an area
  4. d The collected writings of Guru Gobind Singh
  5. e The invisible sacred quality that evokes wonder and awe in us, the invisible spirits throughout nature that are born of this essence

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  1. A Sikh congregation
  2. The great enlightened teachers in Jainism, of whom Mahariva was the last in the present cosmic cycle
  3. Continual round of birth, death and rebirth
  4. An ascetic Sikh order
  5. In Daoism, "not doing" in the sense of taking no action contrary to the natural flow

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  1. Guru Granth SahibThe sacred scripture compiled by the Sikh Gurus


  2. Jap JiThe first morning prayer of Sikhs, written by Guru Nanak


  3. CosmogonyThe shinto waterfall purification ritual


  4. Dreaming (Dream Time)The collected writings of Guru Gobind Singh


  5. MisagiThe shinto waterfall purification ritual


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