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ISW/Jainism/D/C/Shinto/Sikhism Test

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  1. Dreaming (Dream Time)
  2. Amrit
  3. Lifeway
  4. Digambara
  5. Anenkantwad
  1. a An entire approach to living in which sacred and secular are not separate
  2. b The Jain principle of manifold aspects of the truth
  3. c The timeless time of Creation, according to Australian Aboriginal belief
  4. d Nectar made with sugar and water, symbolizing the sweetness of compassion
  5. e A highly ascetic order of Jain monks who wear no clothes

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  1. Community meal for all, regardless of caste or position
  2. The invisible sacred quality that evokes wonder and awe in us, the invisible spirits throughout nature that are born of this essence
  3. The great enlightened teachers in Jainism, of whom Mahariva was the last in the present cosmic cycle
  4. An ascetic Sikh order
  5. The sacred scripture compiled by the Sikh Gurus

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  1. YiRighteous conduct, the Confucian virtue stressed by Mencius


  2. RenIn Chinese philosophy, the dark receptive "female" energy in the universe


  3. Janam-sakhisTraditional biographies, especially stories of the life of Guru Nanak


  4. Jaap SahibTraditional biographies, especially stories of the life of Guru Nanak


  5. TsumiImpurity or misfortune, a quality that Shinto purification practices are designed to remove


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