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  1. Ahimsa
  2. Oharai
  3. Yi
  4. Li
  5. Lifeway
  1. a An entire approach to living in which sacred and secular are not separate
  2. b non-violence, a central Jain principle
  3. c Ceremonies, rituals, and rules of proper conduct, in the Confucian tradition
  4. d Shinto purification ceremony
  5. e Righteous conduct, the Confucian virtue stressed by Mencius

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  1. a model of origins of the universe
  2. A man or woman who has undergone spiritual ordeals and can communicate with the spirit world to help the people
  3. Community meal for all, regardless of caste or position
  4. A Sikh congregation
  5. The religious community in Sikhism

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  1. Janam-sakhisTraditional biographies, especially stories of the life of Guru Nanak


  2. KannagaraHarmony with the way of the kami


  3. Dasam GranthContinual round of birth, death and rebirth


  4. RenHumanity, benevolence - the central Confucian virtue


  5. AnenkantwadThe Jain principle of manifold aspects of the truth


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