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  1. Tone
  2. Setting
  3. Satire
  4. Theme
  5. Flashback
  1. a The place and time in which the events of the narrative occur.
  2. b An interruption in the action of a story, play, or work of nonfiction to show an episode that happened at an earlier time.
  3. c The stated or implied attitude of an author toward his subject in a particular literary work. The author reveals his attitude through his choice of words and details
  4. d A literary work in which the author ridicules the vices or follies of mankind, usually for the purpose of producing some change in attitude or action.
  5. e The underlying meaning of a literary work, a general truth about life or mankind. A theme may be stated or implied. Not every literary work contains a theme.

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  1. The significant pattern of action in a short story, novel, or play.
  2. Person, place, event, or object which has meaning in itself but suggests other meanings.
  3. Based on the difference between the way events work out and what is expected to happen or what seems appropriate.
  4. Conversation between charcters in a short story, novel, play, poem, or work of nonfiction
  5. Form of metaphor in which the object, animal, or idea acts like a human.

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  1. MetaphorLike simile, is a comparison but is implied rather than stated.


  2. Irony of ToneExtends verbal irony to include lengthy passages or even an entire work in which an author expresses an attitude opposite to what he feels


  3. SymbolA person, place, event, or object which has a meaning in itself but suggests other meanings as well.


  4. CharacterizationThe method an author uses to acquaint the reader with his or her characters.


  5. InferenceA reasonable and intelligent conclusion drawn from hints provided by the author.


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