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  1. (adj.) incospicuous, recessive
  2. harmless, innocuous, salutary, salubrious
  3. chic, stylish, elegant, fashionable
  4. refute, contradict, undrmine, discredit
  5. dense, thick, obtuse, dim-witted
  6. (v.) starve, deprive entirely of

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  1. discursivedense, thick, obtuse, dim-witted


  2. contingent(adj.) independent of, unconnected with, certain


  3. heresyorthodoxy


  4. speciousharmless, innocuous, salutary, salubrious


  5. palpable(v.) starve, deprive entirely of


  6. disseminatebring together, concentrate, muster, conceal, hide


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