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  1. the thin, rootlike structure that anchors a moss and absorbs water and nutrients for the plant
  2. the stage in the life cycle of a plant in which the plant produces gametes, or sex cells
  3. the waxy, waterproof layer that covers the leaves and stems of some plants
  4. the young plant that develops from a zygote. Also, a developing human during the first eight weeks after fertilization has occured
  5. the small openings on the undersides of most leaves through which oxygen and carbon dioxide can move
  6. the blackish-brown material consisting of compressed layers of dead sphagnum mosses that grow in bogs

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  1. phloemthe vascular tissue through which food moves in some plants


  2. sporophytethe stage in the life cycle of a plant in which the plant produces spores for reproduction


  3. transpirationthe early growth stage of the embryo plant in a seed


  4. cotyledona seed leaf that stores food


  5. vascular tissuea low-growing plant that lacks vascular tissue


  6. boga wetland where sphagnum moss grows on top of acidic water


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