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  1. A company may hire a _____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in their system.
  2. The _____ was one of the first game controllers to use a player's motions and gestures as input.
  3. Online newspapers are delivered through _____ to news readers.
  4. A(n) _____ signal is designed to represent computer data in an on or off state.
  5. The _____ was the first eBook reading device to gain widespread acceptance.
  1. a digital
  2. b white-hat
  3. c Wii
  4. d Kindle
  5. e RSS

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  1. hertz
  2. visualization
  3. Radio spectrum
  4. US-CERT
  5. all of the above
    (smart phones, video game consoles, CD players)

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  1. Social networks employ virtual reality to provide an environment in which individuals can interact through the use of _____.avatars


  2. A digital camera uses a _____ card as its storage device.33


  3. With the help of a _____, devices can send signals that allow them to connect to the Internet.home


  4. Businesses are working to control information _____ by not allowing employees to store important data on their laptop computers.theft


  5. The use of _____ technology to identify items for inventory may someday replace todays bar code system.RFID


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