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  1. A digital camera uses a _____ card as its storage device.
  2. Digital video _____ involves analyzing each frame of the video and storing only the pixels that change from frame to frame.
  3. Corporate network administrators have the right to do all of the following EXCEPT _____.
  4. Through the use of _____, data is secured when it is stored and transported over a network.
  5. The https:// protocol in a URL indicates the use of a(n) _____ by the Web site.
  1. a flash memory
  2. b install a Web cam in an employee's home
  3. c encryption
  4. d SSL connection
  5. e compression

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  1. spam
  2. graphic designers
  3. pagers
  4. 250 - 1,000 feet
  5. last mile

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  1. All of the following are examples of graphic file formats EXCEPT for _____..xls
    (.tif, .jpg, .gif)


  2. A _____ card is a common netwrk device found in most laptop computers today.Photo-editing


  3. Information security is implemented at the individual machine level, the computer network level, and the _____ level.hoax


  4. Local Area Networks designed to serve an entire city are called _____ Area Networks.Metropolitan


  5. _____ software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.Photo-editing


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