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  1. The process of transferring music from CD to MP3 or another digital audio format is called _____ a CD.
  2. The _____ was established to monitor the security of U.S. networks and the Internet.
  3. Photos and albums can be shared from an online service with _____.
  4. Businesses are working to control information _____ by not allowing employees to store important data on their laptop computers.
  5. Businesses prefer to use technology known as _____ to create an exact copy of their files for backup.
  1. a ripping
  2. b US-CERT
  3. c theft
  4. d RAID
  5. e all of the above
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  1. updates
  2. Facebook
  3. hertz
  4. VeriSign
  5. geotagging

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  1. Web designers use _____ to make advanced Web animations and applications.encrypted


  2. A basic example of _____ is the use of graphs and charts to illustrate numeric data.PowerPoint


  3. A typical setup for a _____ network would include a wireless router connected to an ISP.home


  4. High end radio waves include infrared light and _____.hertz


  5. In most closed-in areas, Wi-Fi technology has a maximum range of _____.250 - 1,000 feet


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