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  1. A(n) _____ expands the boundaries of a company's intranet to include networks outside of its Local Area Network setting.
  2. A PAN typically covers a range of around _____ feet.
  3. A(n) _____ may be used to control unnecessary data from coming into a business over the Internet.
  4. In most closed-in areas, Wi-Fi technology has a maximum range of _____.
  5. Items such as credit cards are beginning to take advantage of RFID technology through the use of a(n) _____ reader.
  1. a firewall
  2. b VPN
  3. c 250 - 1,000 feet
  4. d 33
  5. e NFC

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  1. coaxial
  2. spam
  3. zombie
  4. Interactive
  5. Avoid client/server networks.

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  1. Vector graphics software is used widely by _____.graphic designers


  2. Digitized sound can be _____ for secure communications.podcasts


  3. All of the following are examples of malware EXCEPT for _____.updates


  4. The process of examining computing equipment to determine if it has been used for illegal, unauthorized, or unusual activities is known as forensics


  5. The introduction of _____ on cell phones was the first step towards realizing augmented reality.GPS


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