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  1. An example of a vector graphic image is _____.
  2. _____ media is unique in that the audience is not comprised of passive viewers.
  3. Web designers use _____ to make advanced Web animations and applications.
  4. How a cell phone looks, feels, and works is determined by its _____.
  5. Three types of physical cables that carry a signal are twisted pair, fiber optic, and _____.
  1. a form factor
  2. b Flash
  3. c coaxial
  4. d Interactive
  5. e clip art

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  1. NFC
  2. transmitters
  3. CMYK color model
  4. Radio spectrum
  5. light

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  1. A(n) _____ certificate is a type of electronic business card that is attached to Internet transaction data to verify the sender of the data.cellular


  2. There is hope that WiMAX technology will help resolve the _____ problem.geotagging


  3. In a Wi-Fi network, _____ provide several settings that can all but bulletproof a wireless network.Metropolitan


  4. Corporate network administrators have the right to do all of the following EXCEPT _____.blogs


  5. Interactive media typically combine all of the following EXCEPT _____.install a Web cam in an employee's home


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