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  1. Local Area Networks designed to serve an entire city are called _____ Area Networks.
  2. Signal frequency is measured in _____.
  3. Three types of physical cables that carry a signal are twisted pair, fiber optic, and _____.
  4. Web designers use _____ to make advanced Web animations and applications.
  5. Corporate network administrators have the right to do all of the following EXCEPT _____.
  1. a coaxial
  2. b Flash
  3. c hertz
  4. d Metropolitan
  5. e install a Web cam in an employee's home

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  1. compression
  2. spam
  3. SSL connection
  4. a data-entry error
  5. VeriSign

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  1. The _____ works using blended colors such as those applied by our printer's ink cartidges when printing.Wii


  2. With the help of a _____, devices can send signals that allow them to connect to the


  3. Photos and albums can be shared from an online service with _____.all of the above
    (the entire member community, everyone on the Web, members that you specify)


  4. A popular encryption method used to protect data that travels over a network is _____.geotagging


  5. A medical office might send lab results to the wrong person, so the person receiving the results has access to another person's private medical information; this is an example of _____.SiriusXM


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