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  1. 1)alterations in DNA gyrase and top IV 2)MDR efflux pump 3)alteration of g(-) membrane proteins decrease uptake into cell
  2. inhibits lanosterols 14 alpha demethylase enzyme needed to convert lanosterol to fecosterol in the biosynthesis of ergosterol
  3. 1)overexpression of altered acyl carrier protein 2)mutation of KatG 3)decrease mutation of KasA
  4. interferes with fungal membrane causes leakage
  5. reversible inhibit protein synthesis by binding to 30s ribosomal subunit (inhibits aa-tRNA in the mRNA complex)
  1. a fluroquinolone MOR
  2. b undecylenic acid MOA
  3. c isoniazid MOR
  4. d tetracycline MOA
  5. e azoles MOA

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  1. echinocandins MOA
  2. trimethoprim MOA
  3. isoniazid MOA
  4. macrolide MOA
  5. metronidazole MOR

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  1. radical anion by pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase--> superoxidesallylamine MOA


  2. chelates metal ion; inhibit proteasome; inhibit degradation of proteins needed by the fungigriseofulvin MOA


  3. inhibit bacterial DNA via inhibition of DNA gyrase and top IV (causes supercoilingfluroquinolones MOA


  4. inhibits alanine racemase needed to convert L-ala to D-ala in bacterial peptidoglycan and prevent cell wall formationcycloserine's MOA


  5. 1)anaerboes(lack of EDP1) 2)alteration of 30s 3)decrease uptake or permeability 3)plasmid transfer of extrachromosomal R-factorsnitrofurantion MOA


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