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  1. inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins
  2. inhibits protein synthesis (DNA/RNA); chelates polyvalent cations
  3. mutation in glucan synthase for the biosynthesis of 1,3 beta Dglucan
  4. mutation in RNA polymerase
  5. inhibits tetrahydrofolate synthesis (folate) by inhibition dihydropyteroate synthase
  1. a carbapenem's MOA
  2. b cicloprox MOA
  3. c sulfonamides MOA
  4. d ansamycin MOR
  5. e echiocandins MOR

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  1. triazole MOR
  2. clofazimine MOA
  3. ethionamide MOA
  4. griseofulvin MOA
  5. chloramphenicol MOA

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  1. chelates metal ion; inhibit proteasome; inhibit degradation of proteins needed by the fungigriseofulvin MOA


  2. inhibits cell wall synthesis by blocking phospholipid carrier cycle required to move phosopholipid of the cell membrane to cell componentsbacitracin's MOA


  3. tetracycline, chlorotetracycline, oxytetracyclineansamycin MOR


  4. 1)decrease expression of cytosine permease 2)decrease expression of cytosine deaminase5-FU MOR


  5. inhibit biosynthesis of mycobacterial fatty acid synthasepyrazinamide MOA


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