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  1. bind to d-ala d-ala precursor in bacterial peptidoglycan and prevent cell wall formation (But binds to substrate not enzyme)
  2. 1)MDR efflux 2)increase 14 alpha demethylase 3)alteration of 14 alpha demethylase
  3. 1)overexpression of altered acyl carrier protein 2)mutation of KatG 3)decrease mutation of KasA
  4. chelates metal ion; inhibit proteasome; inhibit degradation of proteins needed by the fungi
  5. inhibits function of AcpM acyl carrier protein needed for the biosynthesis of mycolic acids which attach to polysaccharides in mycobacterial cell wall
  1. a clioquinol MOA
  2. b isoniazid MOR
  3. c glyclopeptides' MOA
  4. d isoniazid MOA
  5. e azoles MOR

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  1. echiocandins MOR
  2. dapsone MOA
  3. azole MOR
  4. dalfopristin MOA
  5. sulfonamides MOR

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  1. cationic detergent bind and disrupts lipid cell membranespolypeptide's MOA


  2. tetracycline, chlorotetracycline, oxytetracyclinelipophilic tetracycline


  3. inhibits bacterial proteins synthesis by binding to 50s subunit and inhibits peptidyl transferaselincosamine MOR


  4. inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteinsmupirocin MOA


  5. forms pores in fungal membranes that allows ion flux resulting in fungal cell deathpolyenes MOA


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