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  1. inhibit arabinosyl transferases (ambAB) required for cell wall biosynthesis
  2. radical anion by pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase--> superoxides
  3. interferes with fungal membrane causes leakage
  4. 1)anaerboes(lack of EDP1) 2)alteration of 30s 3)decrease uptake or permeability 3)plasmid transfer of extrachromosomal R-factors
  5. inhibits tetrahydrofolate synthesis (folate) by inhibition dihydropyteroate synthase
  1. a ethambutol MOA
  2. b metronidazole MOA
  3. c undecylenic acid MOA
  4. d sulfonamides MOA
  5. e aminoglycosides' MOR

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  1. monobactam's MOA
  2. bacitracin's MOA
  3. tetracycline MOA
  4. cephalosporin's MOA
  5. pyrazinamide MOA

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  1. "anionic detergent" inserts into cytoplasmic membrane of g(+) bacteria, forms nonspecific pore allows ions and small molecule passage through depolarized membranecyclic glycopeptide MOA (dapto)


  2. inhibits proteins synthesis by binding isoleucine tRNA ligaseaminoglycosides MOA


  3. interferese with peptidyl t-RNA position needed to form peptide bondquinupristin MOA


  4. 1)alterations in DNA gyrase and top IV 2)MDR efflux pump 3)alteration of g(-) membrane proteins decrease uptake into cellpolypeptide's MOA


  5. minocycline, doxycycline, tigecyclinelipophilic tetracycline


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