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  1. inhibits proteins synthesis by binding isoleucine tRNA ligase
  2. tetracycline, chlorotetracycline, oxytetracycline
  3. inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins
  4. inhibits monooxygenase known as squalene epoxides
  5. interferese with peptidyl t-RNA position needed to form peptide bond
  1. a allylamine MOA
  2. b mupirocin MOA
  3. c cephalosporin's MOA
  4. d hydrophilic tetracyclines
  5. e quinupristin MOA

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  1. metronidazole MOR
  2. ethambutol MOA
  3. azoles MOR
  4. cyclic glycopeptide MOA (dapto)
  5. dalfopristin MOA

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  1. 1)efflux 2)ribosomal protection 3)production of easterases 4)mutation of 50smacrolide MOR


  2. 1)decrease bile transport pumps 2)uncouples ox phos + decrease couplex IItriazole MOR


  3. inhibit RNA transcription by inhibiting bacterial DNA-dependent RNA-polymerasemupirocin MOA


  4. inhibits tetrahydrofolate synthesis (folate) by inhibition dihydropyteroate synthasemupirocin MOA


  5. 1)anaerboes(lack of EDP1) 2)alteration of 30s 3)decrease uptake or permeability 3)plasmid transfer of extrachromosomal R-factorsaminoglycosides' MOR


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