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  1. increase ROS and may damage mycobacterial DNA
  2. reversible inhibit protein synthesis by binding to 30s ribosomal subunit (inhibits aa-tRNA in the mRNA complex)
  3. inhibits bacterial proteins synthesis by binding to 50s and inhibiting peptidyl transferase
  4. chelates metal ion; inhibit proteasome; inhibit degradation of proteins needed by the fungi
  5. inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins
  1. a clofazimine MOA
  2. b penicillin's MOA
  3. c tetracycline MOA
  4. d clioquinol MOA
  5. e retapamulin MOA

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  1. penicillins's MOR
  2. hydrophilic tetracyclines
  3. aminosalicylic acid MOA
  4. undecylenic acid MOA
  5. linezolid

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  1. 1)decrease expression of cytosine permease 2)decrease expression of cytosine deaminase5-FU MOR


  2. inactivates peptidyl donor and acceptor sites from peptidyl transferasedalfopristin MOA


  3. 1)MDR efflux 2)increase 14 alpha demethylase 3)alteration of 14 alpha demethylaseazoles MOR


  4. inhibit arabinosyl transferases (ambAB) required for cell wall biosynthesisethambutol MOA


  5. inhibits monooxygenase known as squalene epoxidesdapsone MOA


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