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  1. 1)efflux 2)ribosomal protection 3)production of easterases 4)mutation of 50s
  2. inhibits proteins synthesis by binding isoleucine tRNA ligase
  3. 1)decrease pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase 2)decrease penetration
  4. interferese with peptidyl t-RNA position needed to form peptide bond
  5. 1)MDR efflux 2)increase 14 alpha demethylase 3)alteration of 14 alpha demethylase
  1. a azoles MOR
  2. b macrolide MOR
  3. c metronidazole MOR
  4. d mupirocin MOA
  5. e quinupristin MOA

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  1. clofazimine MOA
  2. ansamycin MOR
  3. nitrofurantion MOA
  4. clioquinol MOA
  5. triazole MOR

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  1. inactivates peptidyl donor and acceptor sites from peptidyl transferasemupirocin MOA


  2. inhibits function of AcpM acyl carrier protein needed for the biosynthesis of mycolic acids which attach to polysaccharides in mycobacterial cell wallisoniazid MOA


  3. release ammonia and formaldehydemethenamine MOA


  4. inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to 50s and prevents formation of 70s translationretapamulin MOA


  5. 1)alterations in DNA gyrase and top IV 2)MDR efflux pump 3)alteration of g(-) membrane proteins decrease uptake into cellazoles MOR


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