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  1. complex machine
  2. spring scale
  3. static electricity
  4. repel
  5. friction
  1. a instrument used to measure force
  2. b temporary buildup of electric charge in an object
  3. c made of more than one type of simple machine
  4. d to force away
  5. e force that opposes and slows down motion

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  1. a temporary magnet made by passing electric current through a wire coiled around an iron bar
  2. a resource that is replaced by nature within the time span of human history
  3. to draw to oneself
  4. to use a force to move an object
  5. forces equal in value

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  1. accelerationto use less of a natural resource


  2. conservationa change in the speed or direction of a moving object


  3. current electricitytemporary buildup of electric charge in an object


  4. nuclear energyenergy of motion


  5. potential energyenergy of motion


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