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  1. New Federalism
  2. Warren Court
  3. Vietnamization
  4. Muckrakers
  5. George Patton
  1. a Journalists who wrote about the corrupt side of business in mass circulation magazines during the early 1920s.
  2. b Nixon's plan to distribute a portion of federal power to state and local governments.
  3. c Nixon's plan to end America's involvement in Vietnam that called for gradual withdrawal of troops.
  4. d The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren that dealt many important rulings.
  5. e He was an American General that led the invasion force of France and later Germany.

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  1. He became the President in 1928, a man from Iowa, that promised to keep government intervention out of the nation's current economic problems.
  2. British and American officials began dropping food and other supplies over West Berlin when the Soviet Union blocked off the city.
  3. This vessel was sunk in May of 1915 by German U-boats. 128 Americans were killed which ignited a rash response from the U.S.
  4. This woman published the "Feminine Mystique" in which she portrayed women's dissatisfaction with their role in American society.
  5. In 1919, this amendment granted women the right to vote.

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  1. WatergateA suicide plane tactic used by the Japanese in the Battle for Leyte Bay.


  2. Political MachineAn effort to block Soviet influence, and to support and ally weaker countries.


  3. Literacy TestThis test was given to voters in the south prior to voting to ensure that the individual could read, a requirement for voting.


  4. Winston ChurchillPaying a small percentage of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowing the rest.


  5. OppenheimerHe was the leader of the scientists at Los Alamos that actually built the Atomic Bomb.


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