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  1. Lyndon Johnson
  2. Bessemer Process
  3. NATO
  4. Espionage and Sedition Acts
  5. Gerald Ford
  1. a Took office after the resignation of Richard Nixon, he declared, "Our long national nightmare is over."
  2. b This act was passed by Congress to control individuals and groups that obstructed the war effort in their speech, press, and actions.
  3. c The U.S. President that grew up in Texas and won his election in 1964.
  4. d The defensive military alliance against Soviet aggression.
  5. e This process made using steel for construction much more useful.

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  1. An attempt in industry to make jobs more efficient, simpler, and easier.
  2. This term was used to describe the progressive reforms in the Roosevelt administration.
  3. After the fall of Germany, this event was conducted to expose and convict the leaders of Germany responsible for the war and the crimes committed against allied countries.
  4. In February 1945, Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin at a city on the Black Sea. Here the leaders made important decisions about the future of peace in Europe.
  5. This was Hoover's response to how Americans should respond to the pressures and hardships of the Depression.

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  1. Conscientious ObjectorBuying material goods.


  2. Battle of the BulgeThis is the name of the formal terms of peace in Europe.


  3. Dwight D. EisenhowerOperation Torch was commanded by this general. He later became the commanding general of all forces in Europe.


  4. Robert McNamaraSecretary of Defense who aided LBJ when he sent soldiers to Vietnam.


  5. Students for a Democratic SocietyA far left student organization that protested the war and the government that supported it.


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