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  1. Treaty of Versailles
  2. Rationing
  3. Star Wars
  4. Square Deal
  5. Robert McNamara
  1. a A defense department - "strategic defense initiative"; this idea outlines putting military satellites in space.
  2. b The establishment of fixed amounts of goods able to be purchased by citizens that were needed by the military.
  3. c This is the name of the formal terms of peace in Europe.
  4. d Secretary of Defense who aided LBJ when he sent soldiers to Vietnam.
  5. e This term was used to describe the progressive reforms in the Roosevelt administration.

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  1. An arrangement to buy now and pay later.
  2. A five member watch dog commission established in 1914, it investigated possible violations of regulatory statues and business monopolies.
  3. A concrete wall built between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War.
  4. The policy in which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories.
  5. This woman published the "Feminine Mystique" in which she portrayed women's dissatisfaction with their role in American society.

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  1. Conscientious ObjectorAn effort to block Soviet influence, and to support and ally weaker countries.


  2. Great SocietyA Russian term that encouraged openness in discussing social problems, free speech.


  3. Boss TweedIn 1871, this political boss and his organization pocketed 200 million dollars from New York City.


  4. League of NationsThe engagement in risky business transactions, the buying and selling of stocks in the chance of quick or considerable profit.


  5. Jimmy CarterHe became one of America's top pilots and hero shooting down 26 enemy airplanes.


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