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  1. Ronald Reagan
  2. Imperialism
  3. Kamikaze
  4. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  5. Shantytowns
  1. a This President brought back conservative politics and thinking to the American political arena. First elected in 1980, he represented the moral majority.
  2. b The policy in which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories.
  3. c A suicide plane tactic used by the Japanese in the Battle for Leyte Bay.
  4. d Makeshift shacks where migrants and workers would live as they worked the agricultural fields of the West.
  5. e The heir to the Austrian throne murdered in Sarajevo which was the incident that touched off WWI.

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  1. A Russian term that referred to the reconstructing of the Soviet economic and political elements in Soviet society.
  2. He was the Commanding General in the Pacific. He was likewise the leader of occupying forces that entered Japan.
  3. Operation Torch was commanded by this general. He later became the commanding general of all forces in Europe.
  4. This plan proposed that the U.S. should give aid to all European countries that needed it.
  5. The leader of Great Britain during WWII; famous for the iron curtain speech.

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  1. Espionage and Sedition ActsThis was to be the new organization of countries that would serve as an international peacekeeping body.


  2. 14 PointsThose countries joined together that included: France, Great Britain, and Russia.


  3. KickbacksTaking illegal payments for services made.


  4. Transcontinental RailroadA golden spike marked the last of this major construction project connecting the west and east coasts.


  5. Camp David AccordThis atrocity in Vietnam left a village of innocent civilians dead.


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