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  1. GI Bill of Rights
  2. Oppenheimer
  3. Zimmerman note
  4. Silent Majority
  5. League of Nations
  1. a As a part of Wilson's plan for peace in Europe, he proposed the formation of this organization to act as a forum for nations to discuss and settle their grievances without resorting to war.
  2. b Moderate, mainstream Americans who quietly supported the President's strategy.
  3. c This bill passed by Congress provided education and training for veterans. Over half of the returning soldiers attended college and technical schools under this bill.
  4. d He was the leader of the scientists at Los Alamos that actually built the Atomic Bomb.
  5. e This telegram was intercepted. It was a bargain with Mexico to offer U.S. soil as a reward for attacking the U.S. and interrupting their preparations for war with Germany.

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  1. Nixon's top advisor during the Vietnam War.
  2. A former governor of Georgia and a peanut farmer, the democratic candidate won the election of 1976.
  3. A vote on bills started by the people.
  4. He was the leader of the North Vietnamese that led a Communist revolt in Vietnam.
  5. During the early part of the Depression there was not action taken by the government to help the poor.

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  1. WatergateA suicide plane tactic used by the Japanese in the Battle for Leyte Bay.


  2. Literacy TestThis test was given to voters in the south prior to voting to ensure that the individual could read, a requirement for voting.


  3. Lyndon JohnsonThe U.S. President that grew up in Texas and won his election in 1964.


  4. Archduke Franz FerdinandThe 35th President of the U.S. and was in office during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


  5. Agent OrangeA leaf-killing toxic chemical used during the Vietnam War that devastated the jungles of Vietnam.


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