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  1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  2. Richard Nixon
  3. Boss Tweed
  4. New Federalism
  5. Yalta Conference
  1. a In 1871, this political boss and his organization pocketed 200 million dollars from New York City.
  2. b In February 1945, Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin at a city on the Black Sea. Here the leaders made important decisions about the future of peace in Europe.
  3. c The heir to the Austrian throne murdered in Sarajevo which was the incident that touched off WWI.
  4. d Nixon's plan to distribute a portion of federal power to state and local governments.
  5. e The conservative President who was elected in 1968.

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  1. This was Hoover's response to how Americans should respond to the pressures and hardships of the Depression.
  2. New York's powerful political machine in 1863.
  3. It was made up of more than 100 ministers and civil rights leaders and its purpose was "to carry on nonviolent crusades against the evils of second-class citizenship."
  4. An unprecedented population explosion occurring as soldiers returned from WWII.
  5. This union man looked at capitalism in a different light suggesting that it was not productive for workers and never would be. He promoted more socialistic ideals.

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  1. Scientific ManagementAn attempt in industry to make jobs more efficient, simpler, and easier.


  2. LusitaniaThis vessel was sunk in May of 1915 by German U-boats. 128 Americans were killed which ignited a rash response from the U.S.


  3. My Lai MassacreThis atrocity in Vietnam left a village of innocent civilians dead.


  4. NagasakiJapanese Americans that were born in this country and therefore were citizens and were shipped to internment camps.


  5. Central PowersThe 7,000-page document that, when leaked to the public, revealed the U.S. government had not been honest about its intentions in the Vietnam War.


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