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  1. Kent State Disaster
  2. 19th Amendment
  3. Progressive Movement
  4. Nuremburg Trials
  5. Rationing
  1. a The establishment of fixed amounts of goods able to be purchased by citizens that were needed by the military.
  2. b A reform movement of the late 1800s that stressed returning control of the government to the people, restoring economic opportunities, and correcting the injustices of American life.
  3. c A college incident that left students dead as they marched in protest to the Vietnam War.
  4. d After the fall of Germany, this event was conducted to expose and convict the leaders of Germany responsible for the war and the crimes committed against allied countries.
  5. e In 1919, this amendment granted women the right to vote.

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  1. A Soviet leader initiated a series of peace talks with the U.S. during the last days of the Soviet Union.
  2. A five member watch dog commission established in 1914, it investigated possible violations of regulatory statues and business monopolies.
  3. He was an American General that led the invasion force of France and later Germany.
  4. The illegal use of political influence for personal gain.
  5. A former governor of Georgia and a peanut farmer, the democratic candidate won the election of 1976.

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  1. OppenheimerHe was an entrepreneur that revolutionized business practices. As an oil magnate, he came to great wealth later selling his holdings to become one of the great philanthropists.


  2. GlasnotThis name identified workers that crossed strikers' picket lines and worked in their place.


  3. Dr. Martin Luther King JrGermany's last counter offensive. This military drive broke through American lines. Lasting for a month, Germany retreated finally as the battle was carried to Berlin.


  4. Pure Food and Drug ActThe attorney on the side of Brown in the Brown vs. Board of Education case. An important figure in getting rid of segregation.


  5. Haight-AsburyA voluntary cavalry under the command of Wood and Teddy Roosevelt that supposedly road up San Juan Hill in the Spanish American war.


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