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  1. Price Supports
  2. Marshall plan
  3. Cesar Chavez
  4. Interstate Commerce Act
  5. United Nations
  1. a He was a latino that unionized migrant farm workers to end exploitation in America's Southwest.
  2. b This was to be the new organization of countries that would serve as an international peacekeeping body.
  3. c The maintaining of certain price levels for key products at or above market value utilizing government funds.
  4. d This act passed by Congress, gave the federal government the power and authority to regulate railroad activities.
  5. e This plan proposed that the U.S. should give aid to all European countries that needed it.

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  1. What LBJ named his grand vision for America. It eliminated poverty and racial injustice, and created a higher standard of living and equal opportunity.
  2. A concrete wall built between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War.
  3. In February 1945, Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin at a city on the Black Sea. Here the leaders made important decisions about the future of peace in Europe.
  4. He was an entrepreneur that revolutionized business practices. As an oil magnate, he came to great wealth later selling his holdings to become one of the great philanthropists.
  5. A moral position taken by an individual in which he opposes war on religious grounds and refuses induction into the military.

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  1. Treaty of VersaillesFormed around the poor of the urban areas, these lines offered food relief for the poor.


  2. Boulder DamHoover's eventual attempt to jump start the economy was directing federal funds to this large construction project.


  3. Robert McNamaraA concrete wall built between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War.


  4. ReferendumThis term refers to the payment of 33 billion dollars Germany would need to pay as part of the treaty which ended WWI.


  5. D-DayThe day allied forces invaded the coast of Normandy as it began the final defeat of Hitler.


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