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  1. Bill Clinton
  2. GI Bill of Rights
  3. Gompers
  4. Convoy System
  5. Jimmy Carter
  1. a The first member of the baby boom generation to become President; he represented youth and Democratic principles.
  2. b A system whereby merchant ships would travel with a circling guard of destroyers and cruisers.
  3. c A former governor of Georgia and a peanut farmer, the democratic candidate won the election of 1976.
  4. d This bill passed by Congress provided education and training for veterans. Over half of the returning soldiers attended college and technical schools under this bill.
  5. e He was one of the greatest union organizers of the IR.

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  1. An effort to block Soviet influence, and to support and ally weaker countries.
  2. Communist leader of Cuba.
  3. This inventor made the first working telephone.
  4. A golden spike marked the last of this major construction project connecting the west and east coasts.
  5. In order to meet the demand for American soldiers, Congress passed this act.

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  1. NagasakiA second site, this city in Japan was also destroyed by an atomic bomb.


  2. Winston ChurchillThe attorney on the side of Brown in the Brown vs. Board of Education case. An important figure in getting rid of segregation.


  3. My Lai MassacreCommunist leader of Cuba.


  4. Poll TaxHe not only built the first passenger cars for trains, he built a city around the industrial sites where they were made.


  5. Ho Chi MinhPresident McKinley had ordered this battleship to Cuba to protect American lives and property. On Feb. 15, 1898, an explosion sent the ship's ammunition up in flames with the ship.


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