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  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Dow Jones Industrial Average
  3. Haight-Asbury
  4. Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Reaganomics
  1. a A measure of stock market activity using the prices of 30 different stocks representing large firms.
  2. b He was not supposed to become President. But as the Vice President under McKinley he became President when McKinley was elected.
  3. c The leader of Great Britain during WWII; famous for the iron curtain speech.
  4. d An economic term that advocated large tax breaks to increase private investment, which in turn were intended to increase the nation's supply of goods and services.
  5. e The hippie capital of California; these two streets represented the center of the counter culture movement.

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  1. The conservative President who was elected in 1968.
  2. This woman published the "Feminine Mystique" in which she portrayed women's dissatisfaction with their role in American society.
  3. Japanese Americans that were born in this country and therefore were citizens and were shipped to internment camps.
  4. This philosophy utilized new biological foundations that suggested the "fittest will rise to the top." Applying this idea to business, many business men could now rationalize their ruthless behavior.
  5. Countries that were dominated by and dependent upon the Soviet Union.

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  1. Robert F. KennedyHe was assassinated during the Presidential campaign of 1968. He represented a Democratic ideal of ending the war and peace in our lifetime.


  2. Gerald FordTook office after the resignation of Richard Nixon, he declared, "Our long national nightmare is over."


  3. Political MachinePaying a small percentage of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowing the rest.


  4. ContainmentA Russian term that encouraged openness in discussing social problems, free speech.


  5. RickenbackerTaking illegal payments for services made.


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