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  1. 4 areas of neurological development that impact language.
  2. 4 Expressive strategies
  3. Approximant
  4. 4 phases of joint reference
  5. 3 stage sequence in early communication development
  1. a Mastering joint attention, intention to communicate, gestures and vocalization, naming/topicalizing
  2. b Evocative utterance, hypothesis testing, interrogative utterance, selective imitation
  3. c Produced by the proximity of 2 articulators without turbulence (w)
  4. d Perlocutionary, illocutionary, locutionary
  5. e Sensation, perception, motor control and cognition

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  1. First ,meaningful words.
  2. Combination of plosive followed by a fricative. (ch, sh)
  3. Bilabial, labiodental, dental, alveolar, post alveolar, palatal, velar.
  4. Complete obstruction of airstream (p, t, k)
  5. Produced in the nasal cavity (n, ng, m)

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  1. LateralLateral flow in the airstream (only L)


  2. Adult teaching techniques.Control, representational, expressive, social, tutorial, procedural.


  3. FricativeCombination of plosive followed by a fricative. (ch, sh)


  4. Vowels are described in what two ways?Tongue height and front to back positioning


  5. Motor controlMuscle movement and the sensory feedback that informs the brain of the extent of that movement.


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