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social studies shorten vocab.

where is japan located?

an island nation located off the coast of Asia

Group of early people who lived in Japan?


What does Joman mean

rope marks

what did the Joman do

made clay pottery as early as 10,500 B.C., wore tree bark and animals skins and hunted/gathered food


another culture in Japan that spread all across Japan

What was Yoyoi the first to use and to develop

frist to use iron and developed written Japanese


wet field used to grow better rice crops


a religion or series of beliefs know as "the way of god" belived in kami's

what is a KAMI

spirits that live in all natural things such as stones, trees, and animals that guided them though there lives.


represenatives sent by a ruler in another country to exchanged information regarding law and the country

tales of genji

first novel

what is tales of genji about

life in the emperor's court. (genji is one of the emperors sons


a kingdom which began to emerge a powerful clan

what happen during the time of Yamoto

the role of the emperor began to appear. in the begging the emperor's role was limited to religous matters

Where did chinese people migrate during time of Yamoto

to Japan they brought their custums with them including chinese characters to write

talka reforms

laws which set up a central government

who wrote tales of gengi

lady muraski (muraski shikibu)


people who govern in place of the offical ruler


the most powerful nobles, defended and expanded thier land


promised loyaltly to their daimyos then the daimyos gave each samurai a little of the land won in battle


supposed to be the emperor's chief army officer but he really held all the authority

who were the first regints?

fugiwana (fugi)

who was the first shotgun

minamoto yoritomo

What was the order of the europeans authorities

kings: lords, vassels,and kinghts

what was the order of the Japanese authorites?

emperor: shotgun, dainio: samural: shotgun

Who has a standard of living similar to the U.S?


What was the most popular city in the world in 1996?

Tokyo, Japan

Will Tokyo still be the most popular city in 2015


What are the four main Japan islands? (Henry has six kites)

Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu

Japan is how much the size of the 48 states?


Why does Japan import many of the raw materials it uses?

because it has few natural resources

What land uses does Japan have?

manufacturing and trade. and crops and livestock

what is the population per square mile of most of Japan

over 250

why does Japan have to import food?

because they don't have enough food to feed everyone in Japan

How much of the wheat consumed in Japan is imported?


what does nippon mean?

means land of the rising sun

what is the largest island with the most cites?


What is the northern most island?


lord or king

head person of Europe (general tittle)


old name for the country of Japan.

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