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  1. contains portions of small intestines and colon, left ovary and fallopian tube, and left ureter
  2. adjective meaning toward the front of the body and away from the back of the body
  3. middle section in the lower row
  4. abnormal condition
  5. one
  1. a hypogastric region
  2. b -osis
  3. c ventral
  4. d mono-
  5. e left lower quadrant (LLQ)

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  1. anter/o
  2. meta-
  3. -malacia
  4. superior or cephalad
  5. posterior

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  1. across, throughdia-


  2. abnormally high rate of speedbrady-


  3. device for graphic or pictorial recording-graph


  4. bloodinguinal


  5. adjective meaining abdomen and pelvis; used to describe one of the body subcavities contained in the ventral cavityventral


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