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  1. pre-hypertension
  2. assault and battery
  3. Factors affecting non-verbal communication: facial
  4. PQRST
  5. negligence
  1. a 120-139systolic / 80-89 diastolic
  2. b failure to follow standard practice
  3. c P-Provocative Q- Quality R-Region S-Severity, T-Timing
  4. d facial expression, posture, gestures, touch, distance
  5. e performing a procedure without consent

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  1. written defamatory statements
  2. 140/90
  3. listens actively, establish trust, clarify, be assertive, summarize conversation
  4. contractures, bed sores, foot and wrist drop, depression, atelectasis.
  5. kidney disease, capillaries bursting around the eyes, scar tissue around heart and lungs

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  1. Factors affecting verbal communicationvocabulary, clarity, humor, tone,


  2. slanderwritten defamatory statements


  3. Subjective dataobservable and measurable: vomit, pale skin


  4. federal lawswith holding information


  5. Identify ways to minimize the risk of malpracticeAssessment


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