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  1. 3' polyadenylation
  2. codons
  3. chromatin organization on nuclear matrix
  4. DNA helicase
  5. assembling complex includes (3) :
  1. a -3 nucleotides(bases) sequence of DNA or mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid or termination signal;
    - the basic unit of "the genetic code."
  2. b initiation factors
    -TFIID [TATA BP & TAFs (transcription associating factors)],
    -RNA polymerase II (pol II) and
    -other TFs
  3. c unwinds DNA at replication fork with energy from ATP hydrolysis.
  4. d -add poly(A) tail (RNA with only adenine stretch) to RNA
    -immediately after termination
  5. e chromatin loops are attached to nuclear matrix

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  1. -rDNA genes concentrated here
    -numerous of these compose the nucleolus
  2. -pre-RNA spliced in multiple ways to produce different mRNAs to encode diff. protein sequences
  3. -all DNA in single circular chromosome
    -proceeds in both directions from ori (origin sequence) to T (termination site)
  4. attach amino acids to tRNAs by high energy amino acyl bonds
  5. factory for rRNA synthesis and assembly with proteins into pre-ribosomal subunits

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  1. histone H1-linker histone; seals off nucleosome at location at which linker DNA enters/leaves
    -involved in packing "beads on a string"


  2. DNA replication-semi conservative(parent chain separate and daughter chain base pair with parent chains forming 2 new double helices)
    -antiparallel(5'->3' on both but in opposite directions to each other)


  3. chromatin fiber30 nm fiber after 10 nm nucleosome filament coils; helical structure


  4. major genomic functions of eukaryotic cells-all DNA in single circular chromosome
    -proceeds in both directions from ori (origin sequence) to T (termination site)


  5. dense fibrillar component-processing of pre-rRNP particles occurs here
    -mature ribosomal subunits released for transport to cytoplasm


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