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  1. granular component (gc)
  2. 3' poly (A) tail functions (3)
  3. histone H1
  4. coding regions (CDS)
  5. Meselson & Stahl Experiment (1959)
  1. a promotes export from nucleus
    promotes translation
    protects mRNA from degradation
  2. b -codons decoded and translated to protein
    -begin with start codon, end at stop codon
  3. c -linker histone; seals off nucleosome at location at which linker DNA enters/leaves
    -involved in packing "beads on a string"
  4. d tested the three models of DNA replication by this: bacteria grown in N15; transferred to medium containing 14N. different N-isotope distinguishable
    -prove semi-conservative replication
  5. e -processing of pre-rRNP particles occurs here
    -mature ribosomal subunits released for transport to cytoplasm

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  1. ribosome identifies start codon using this in eukaryotes
  2. section of mRNA before the start codon and after stop codon (not translated)
    -mRNA stability, localization and translation
  3. ribosome identifies start codon using this in prokaryotes
  4. 3 nucleotides complementary to 3 nucleotides of on mRNA
  5. Individual units of replication
    -avg size of 150 kbp

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  1. DNA replicationunwinds DNA at replication fork with energy from ATP hydrolysis.


  2. replication factories1)RNA primer synthesis by RNA primase
    2)elongation by DNA polymerase III
    3)primer removal and gap filling by DNA polymerase I


  3. 3 stop codonsUAA, UAG, UGA


  4. chromatin fiber-5' end of gene.
    -initiates transcription
    -contains assembling complex


  5. ribosomal binding siteskeeps DNA single stranded


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