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  1. Shine Dalgarno sequence
  2. fibrillar centers (fc)
  3. pre-Initiation of Protein Syntheisis
  4. polyribosome
  5. polyribosomes/polysomes
  1. a -rDNA genes concentrated here
    -numerous of these compose the nucleolus
  2. b ribosome identifies start codon using this in prokaryotes
  3. c -several attached ribosomes associated to one mRNA
    -contain functional components of mRNA, tRNA and ribosomes
  4. d 1-codon AUG near 5' end of mRNA
    2-aminoacyl-tRNA binds to P site with aa methionine
  5. e ribosomes transcribing same piece of mRNA creating many copies of same protein
    -5' end codes for N-terminal amino acid
    -3' end codes for C-terminal amino acid

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  1. -semi conservative(parent chain separate and daughter chain base pair with parent chains forming 2 new double helices)
    -antiparallel(5'->3' on both but in opposite directions to each other)
  2. Individual units of replication
    -avg size of 150 kbp
  3. - catayst of DNA replication
    -can only add nucleotides to pre-existing "primer" (this is where RNA primer comes in)
  4. factory for rRNA synthesis and assembly with proteins into pre-ribosomal subunits
  5. TFIIA and TFIIB which lead to recruitment of TFIIF/pol II and other TFs

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  1. DNA replication in prokaryotes-all DNA in single circular chromosome
    -proceeds in both directions from ori (origin sequence) to T (termination site)


  2. ribosomal binding siteskeeps DNA single stranded


  3. Kozak boxribosome identifies start codon using this in eukaryotes


  4. replication factoriesIndividual units of replication
    -avg size of 150 kbp


  5. purpose of the cap(3)-5' end of gene.
    -initiates transcription
    -contains assembling complex


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