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Test 3: Lec 31-35 Test

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  1. elongation phase of protein synthesis
  2. properties specific to eukaryotic DNA replication(4)
  3. polyribosomes/polysomes
  4. codons
  5. structure of tRNA
  1. a -several attached ribosomes associated to one mRNA
    -contain functional components of mRNA, tRNA and ribosomes
  2. b -has a primary, secondary (cloverleaf) and tertiary(L-shaped) structyre
    -bulk of it is double stranded bc of distal complementary base(nucleotide) pairs
    -unique anticodons to complement mRNA(5' end of each) and amino acid(3'-adenine by aaRS)
  3. c -3 nucleotides(bases) sequence of DNA or mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid or termination signal;
    - the basic unit of "the genetic code."
  4. d -replicon organization along chromosomes
    -replication timing during S-phase
    -initiation of DNA replication during S-phase
    -organization of replication sites in cell nucleus
  5. e 1: aminoacyl-tRNA selection
    -2nd aminoacyl-tRNA enters A site
    -1st combining with protein elongation factor bound to GTP (EF-Tu-GTP)
    -GTP hydrolyzed and Tu-GDP complex released, leaving aa-tRNA bound in A site
    2: peptide bond formation between the 2 tRNAs (enzyme peptidyl transferase catalyst)
    -forms dipeptidym-tRNA
    3: translocation: ribosome moves 1 codon along mRNA (in 5'-3' direction)
    -deacylated tRNA moves from P site to E site
    -GTP hydrolyzed and EF-G-GDP leaves ribosome
    4:release deacylated tRNA: new aminoacyl-tRNA enters A site

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. factory for rRNA synthesis and assembly with proteins into pre-ribosomal subunits
  2. segments of the lagging strand
  3. many nucleosomes on DNA strand
  4. core particles connected by this
    DNA wrapped +linker=200 bp
  5. chromatin loops are attached to nuclear matrix

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  1. key components of pre-initiation complex (2)-protects 5' end of primary RNA transcript from attach by exonucleases
    -regulates nuclear export
    -promotes translation


  2. IF (initiation factors) involved in prot. synthesisIF1-promotes attachment of subunit to mRNA
    IF2 (a GTP binding protein)- required for attachment of 1st aa-tRNA
    IF3-prevent large subunit from joining prematurely to small subunit


  3. histone octamer (4)-2 copies each of core histones H2A, H2B, H3, H4
    "the core particle" (doesn't include H1)


  4. major genomic functions of eukaryotic cellsDNA replication sites anchored to nuclear matrix
    -contains cluster of DNA replication loops


  5. DNA fiber autoradiography1 DNA labeled with high-conc. radioactive thymidine followed by lower concentration
    2 cells are lysed and DNA spread out as fivers on glass slide and exposed for autoradiography
    -enables ID of DNA replication sites and direction
    -proves bidirectional replication


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