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  1. chromatin fiber
  2. key components of pre-initiation complex (2)
  3. Kozak box
  4. 3' poly (A) tail functions (3)
  5. "linker DNA"
  1. a TFIIA and TFIIB which lead to recruitment of TFIIF/pol II and other TFs
  2. b promotes export from nucleus
    promotes translation
    protects mRNA from degradation
  3. c ribosome identifies start codon using this in eukaryotes
  4. d 30 nm fiber after 10 nm nucleosome filament coils; helical structure
  5. e core particles connected by this
    DNA wrapped +linker=200 bp

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  1. -pre-RNA spliced in multiple ways to produce different mRNAs to encode diff. protein sequences
  2. -replicon organization along chromosomes
    -replication timing during S-phase
    -initiation of DNA replication during S-phase
    -organization of replication sites in cell nucleus
  3. -anti-codons that bind to codon on mRNA
    -2nd site binds corresponding amino acid in high energy aminoacyl bond
  4. -2 copies each of core histones H2A, H2B, H3, H4
    "the core particle" (doesn't include H1)
  5. -several attached ribosomes associated to one mRNA
    -contain functional components of mRNA, tRNA and ribosomes

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  1. Meselson & Stahl Experiment (1959)-proved semiconservative DNA replication in eukaryotic cells
    -labeled metaphase chromosomes had only 1 sister chromatid labelled


  2. mitotic chromosomesRepresent DNA packing ration of 10,000:1


  3. activating amino acid as amion-acyl groupuses energy from hydrolysis of ATP (ATP ->ADP+Pi)


  4. rRNA-3 nucleotides(bases) sequence of DNA or mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid or termination signal;
    - the basic unit of "the genetic code."


  5. assembling complex includes (3) :-processing of pre-rRNP particles occurs here
    -mature ribosomal subunits released for transport to cytoplasm


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