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  1. key components of pre-initiation complex (2)
  2. replication factories
  3. taylor experiment
  4. 3 stop codons
  5. aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase enzyme (aaRS)
  1. a TFIIA and TFIIB which lead to recruitment of TFIIF/pol II and other TFs
  2. b UAA, UAG, UGA
  3. c DNA replication sites anchored to nuclear matrix
    -contains cluster of DNA replication loops
  4. d -proved semiconservative DNA replication in eukaryotic cells
    -labeled metaphase chromosomes had only 1 sister chromatid labelled
  5. e attach amino acids to tRNAs by high energy amino acyl bonds

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  1. composed of many splicing factors
    -mediate splicing process
  2. -lowest level of chromosome organization
    -form fundamental repeating units of eukaryotic chromatin
    -146bp of DNA wrapped almost twice around histone octomer
    -10 nm fibers
  3. 1: bring ribosomal subunit to initiation codon(codon AUG near 5' end of mRNA)
    2: bring 1st aa tRNA into ribosome (methionine-tRNA enters P site ;binds to AUG codon and IF2 )
    -IF3 and IF1 released
    3: assemble complete initiation complex(large subunit joins complex; IF2 hydrolyzed through GTP hydrolysis, releasing IF2-GDP)
  4. - carries amino acids to the ribosome during translation
    - mediates recognition of codon
    -small RNA (74-95 nucleotides)
    -each type of tRNA can attach to only 1 type of amino acid
  5. 30 nm fiber after 10 nm nucleosome filament coils; helical structure

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  1. alternative splicing-pre-RNA spliced in multiple ways to produce different mRNAs to encode diff. protein sequences


  2. promoter site30 nm fiber after 10 nm nucleosome filament coils; helical structure


  3. codons-3 nucleotides(bases) sequence of DNA or mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid or termination signal;
    - the basic unit of "the genetic code."


  4. histone H1-composed of 60S(large) and 40S (small) subunit
    -a ribonucleopritein composed of rRNA (ribosomal) and proteins


  5. 5' cappingadd 7-methylguanosine (m7G) to 5' end of RNA
    -immediately after initiation
    -attaches to 5' end ot tRNA


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