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  1. count camillo cavour
  2. "jewel in the crown"
  3. sino-japanese war
  4. chinese go to war with japan
  5. political interest
  1. a to be ahead of balance and power
  2. b chinese go to war with japan (fight over korea) japan wins kore and taiwan
  3. c india bc most important bc profit more from them
  4. d japan forced korea to open 3 ports
    china lost
    showed japan strongest asian nation
  5. e italian states man and premier of the kingdom of sardinia.
    architect of the italian unific movement in the later 1800s
    known as brains of italian nationalism.

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  1. emancipation: freedom of serfs
  2. social darwinists believed they had a moral obligation to civilize inferiror races
  3. war with denmark (revolution of 1848)??
    austro-prussian war
    franco-prussian war
  4. common enemy-napolean
    internal weakness and divisions
    never been together before
    was a good thing
  5. an application of charles darwin's scientific theories of natural selection and the survival of the fittest to the struggle between nations and races; used in late 1800s to justify imperialism and racism

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  1. commodore matthew perryexplored middle of afria, sent to japan twice by US
    sent to threaten japan to open ports


  2. Balkan Warseries of wars: austria-hungary gets more land out of it


  3. congress of viennaanti-foreigners


  4. "white man's burden"control other cultures and help them advance


  5. austrian emp as multinationalruled by conservative abs monarchs who wanted certain thing but not everyone was austrian
    1/4 austrian
    1/2 slavic
    1/4 hungarian or italian


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