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  1. eastern question
  2. russification
  3. germany after unification
  4. red shirts
  5. otto van bismark
  1. a army of volunteer troops led by garibaldi. in 1860 they attacked the island of sicily and won it for the italians
  2. b stable and strong, soon to be one of the greatest military forces in europe
  3. c spreading russian influence
    heart= orthodoxy, autocracy, nationalism
  4. d what happens if ottoman emp falls?
  5. e german statesman, became the leading force behind german unification. main political goal: prussia to gain power over austria.
    policy= "blood and iron"
    known as "iron chancellor"

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  1. motives: economic interest, political interest, social darwinism, and missionary
    problems: division of land, and monoculture
  2. hungary was able to be independ but they were still controlled by Franz Joseph I and had to contribute to Austria
    cause: hungarian nationalism
  3. takes credit for defeating napolean
  4. 1 monarch, 2 nations
    share ministry of finance, defense, and foreign affairs
  5. pride in ones nation

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  1. berlin conferencedividing africa amongst european countries


  2. II Risorgimentmeans "resurgence" or "rebirth"
    was the nationalist newspaper that cavour founded.
    eventually became name for the movement of italian unification and freedom from austrian control


  3. austrian emp as multinationalstable and strong, soon to be one of the greatest military forces in europe


  4. king Leopold IIking of belgium


  5. Menelik IIleader of indias struggle for independence from brits. organized the population for protest thru nonvoplent resistance and civil disobedience


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