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  1. russification
  2. cecil rhodes "from cape to cairo"
  3. cause of franco-prussian war
  4. meiji restoration
  5. boxer uprising
  1. a emperor restored to full power
  2. b anti-foreigners
  3. c wants to control all of africa
  4. d spreading russian influence
    heart= orthodoxy, autocracy, nationalism
  5. e ems dispatch

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  1. chinese go to war with japan (fight over korea) japan wins kore and taiwan
  2. british amunition filled with pig fat- dont eat pigs
    rebellion of hindu and muslim soldiers agst the british in india
    1st war of independence
  3. european leaders gather in austria
    resore stability that came from napol defeat & 25 yrs of war
    louis XVIII
    prince klemens von metternion
    failed: ignored desire of pol. changes and nationalism
  4. king of sardinia- piedmont (1849-61) and king of italy (61-7)
    1st king of a united italy
  5. white europeans superior to africans according to charles darwins beliefs about race or whatever

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  1. nationalism in italy/germanybrought on by several diff. ethnic grps w/in austrian empire


  2. why europe was able to dominate africa1. lack of african unity
    2. deceitful tactics
    3. advanced technology/weapons


  3. ems dispatchperiod of time that Germany prospered under the leadership of Wilhme I and Bismark. (HRE= 1st Reich)


  4. sepoyleader of indias struggle for independence from brits. organized the population for protest thru nonvoplent resistance and civil disobedience


  5. russo-japanese warjapan forced korea to open 3 ports
    china lost
    showed japan strongest asian nation


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