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  1. ems dispatch
  2. social darwinism
  3. muslim league
  4. meiji restoration
  5. missionary
  1. a telegram written by bismark, which made it seem like the prussian king was bashing the french ppl.
  2. b an application of charles darwin's scientific theories of natural selection and the survival of the fittest to the struggle between nations and races; used in late 1800s to justify imperialism and racism
  3. c emperor restored to full power
  4. d social darwinists believed they had a moral obligation to civilize inferiror races
  5. e radicals who want full indp
    protects rights of india muslim

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  1. dividing africa amongst european countries
  2. Boers refused to grant political rights to foreigners, including the Brits
  3. all it needs is a spark to explode (and start somethin like wwI)
    refers to Balkan Peninsunse & tense situation that existed
  4. japan forced korea to open 3 ports
    china lost
    showed japan strongest asian nation
  5. british amunition filled with pig fat- dont eat pigs
    rebellion of hindu and muslim soldiers agst the british in india
    1st war of independence

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  1. indian national congresspride in ones nation


  2. william Iking of prussia (1861-88), emperor of germany (71-88).
    chose otto van bismark ad prussia's prime minister- unified germany together


  3. Nationalismalxander II, alexander III, Nicholas II


  4. old imperialismmotives: economic interest, political interest, social darwinism, and missionary
    problems: division of land, and monoculture


  5. fueled by napolean, congress of vienna-how?for a short period of time, napolean unified parts of europe but congress seperated them again, but napolean left a spark that liberals would build on.


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