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  1. giuseppe garibaldi
  2. purpose for war with denmark
  3. social darwinism
  4. taiping rebellion
  5. Nationalism
  1. a an application of charles darwin's scientific theories of natural selection and the survival of the fittest to the struggle between nations and races; used in late 1800s to justify imperialism and racism
  2. b ppl think they lost the mandate
  3. c bismark wants shleshwig and holstein back, denmark is in control
  4. d pride in ones nation
  5. e italian military and nationalist leader, unified the souther states of italy and joined them to the north to form the united kingdom of italy.
    used gorrila warfare tactic
    known as the sword of nationalism.

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  1. january 22, 1905; the day the czarist troops ried on protestors at the winter palace, igniting the russian revolution of 1905
    BASICALLY: priest led peaceful protest to bring petition to czar- gunned down by russian troops
    marks beginning of russian revolution
  2. means "resurgence" or "rebirth"
    was the nationalist newspaper that cavour founded.
    eventually became name for the movement of italian unification and freedom from austrian control
  3. (+) ban sati, education, language
    (-) destroy indian culture
  4. german czar basically
  5. motives: glory, god, and gold

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  1. trans-siberian railroadromanov family ruling before
    russia attacked ottoman, but europeans didnt want russia to gain more land so the brits and france helped ottomans.


  2. red shirtsperiod of time that Germany prospered under the leadership of Wilhme I and Bismark. (HRE= 1st Reich)


  3. 3 wars to unify germanywar with denmark (revolution of 1848)??
    austro-prussian war
    franco-prussian war


  4. austrian emp as multinationalruled by conservative abs monarchs who wanted certain thing but not everyone was austrian
    1/4 austrian
    1/2 slavic
    1/4 hungarian or italian


  5. imperialismprocess of one people ruling or controlling another


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