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  1. sun yat sen
  2. zollverein
  3. boers/afrikaners/Boer War
  4. Nationalism
  5. monoculture/Banana Republic
  1. a pride in ones nation
  2. b customs union, connected german states by removing taxes on goods within the german confed.
  3. c Boers refused to grant political rights to foreigners, including the Brits
  4. d growing only 1 thing
  5. e wants to overthrow qing and replace it with democracy
    known as father of modern china

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  1. all the european powers trying to claim land in africa. mad-dash for land grab
  2. organized persecutions and massacres of Jews in Russia in 1880s (anti-semetic attacks)
  3. ems dispatch
  4. turkish reformist and liberal nationalists who tries to save ottoman empire and make their own turkish state.
  5. "the sun never sets on the british empire"

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  1. apartheidprocess of one people ruling or controlling another


  2. open door policyindian soldier hired by british


  3. missionaryalxander II, alexander III, Nicholas II


  4. boxer uprisingprocess of one people ruling or controlling another


  5. mughal empireradicals who want full indp
    protects rights of india muslim


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