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  1. sun yat sen
  2. taiping rebellion
  3. austrian emp as multinational
  4. economic interest
  5. William II
  1. a ppl think they lost the mandate
  2. b took over germany afgter Willhelm-led Germany to become the most powerful military force in europe
  3. c wants to overthrow qing and replace it with democracy
    known as father of modern china
  4. d resources for industrialization
  5. e ruled by conservative abs monarchs who wanted certain thing but not everyone was austrian
    1/4 austrian
    1/2 slavic
    1/4 hungarian or italian

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  1. ems dispatch
  2. common enemy-napolean
    internal weakness and divisions
    never been together before
    was a good thing
  3. german czar basically
  4. signed after commodore matt perry
    opens up 2 japanese ports, ET to foreigners
  5. white europeans superior to africans according to charles darwins beliefs about race or whatever

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  1. meijileader of ethiopians
    keeps italians out by modernizing army


  2. apartheidsocial system government installed by british
    means "separateness"
    only whites can vote, no boers (blacks)


  3. Henry Stanleysocial darwinists believed they had a moral obligation to civilize inferiror races


  4. what bonds create feelings of nationalism?belgiums freedom from netherlands
    creation of germany and italy
    led to downfall of multi-cultural countries


  5. crimean warseries of wars: austria-hungary gets more land out of it


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