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  1. 2 indep countries in africa since 1914
  2. commodore matthew perry
  3. cause of franco-prussian war
  4. what bonds create feelings of nationalism?
  5. nationalism in austrian/ottoman
  1. a ethiopia (lucy) & liberia
  2. b common land, language, and religion
  3. c ems dispatch
  4. d it was bad
    sparked rebellion and weakened gov
    weakened it bc of diversity
    caused the fall
  5. e explored middle of afria, sent to japan twice by US
    sent to threaten japan to open ports

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  1. get holstein from austrians
  2. elected assembly.
    russian legislative assembly, formed after the revolution of 1905
  3. king of belgium
  4. dividing africa amongst european countries
  5. for a short period of time, napolean unified parts of europe but congress seperated them again, but napolean left a spark that liberals would build on.

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  1. Balkan Warromanov family ruling before
    russia attacked ottoman, but europeans didnt want russia to gain more land so the brits and france helped ottomans.


  2. kaisergerman czar basically


  3. red shirtsemperor of japan
    power was restored


  4. british east india companyjoint-stock company granted a royal charter by Elizabeth I in 1600 for the purpose of controlling trade in India


  5. extraterritoralityemperor restored to full power


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