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  1. sun yat sen
  2. economic interest
  3. congress of vienna
  4. fueled by napolean, congress of vienna-how?
  5. ems dispatch
  1. a for a short period of time, napolean unified parts of europe but congress seperated them again, but napolean left a spark that liberals would build on.
  2. b wants to overthrow qing and replace it with democracy
    known as father of modern china
  3. c resources for industrialization
  4. d telegram written by bismark, which made it seem like the prussian king was bashing the french ppl.
  5. e european leaders gather in austria
    resore stability that came from napol defeat & 25 yrs of war
    louis XVIII
    prince klemens von metternion
    failed: ignored desire of pol. changes and nationalism

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  1. 1. shaka and zulu (rebel agst Brits)
    2. by menelik II (keeps italians out)
    3. maji maji rebellion (ast. Germany)
  2. explored middle of afria, sent to japan twice by US
    sent to threaten japan to open ports
  3. most imp person in china
  4. belgiums freedom from netherlands
    creation of germany and italy
    led to downfall of multi-cultural countries
  5. ppl think they lost the mandate

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  1. Alexander IIleader of indias struggle for independence from brits. organized the population for protest thru nonvoplent resistance and civil disobedience


  2. Menelik IIleader of ethiopians
    keeps italians out by modernizing army


  3. extraterritoralitybritish only bound by british laws


  4. crimean warromanov family ruling before
    russia attacked ottoman, but europeans didnt want russia to gain more land so the brits and france helped ottomans.


  5. opium warseries of wars: austria-hungary gets more land out of it


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