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Lap 11- Nationalism and New Imperialism (ch.24 and 25) Test

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  1. social darwinism
  2. nationalism in Austrian Empire
  3. germany after unification
  4. indian national congress
  5. zollverein
  1. a brought on by several diff. ethnic grps w/in austrian empire
  2. b an application of charles darwin's scientific theories of natural selection and the survival of the fittest to the struggle between nations and races; used in late 1800s to justify imperialism and racism
  3. c moderates who want a say in gov. nor freedon, just reforms
  4. d stable and strong, soon to be one of the greatest military forces in europe
  5. e customs union, connected german states by removing taxes on goods within the german confed.

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  1. spreading russian influence
    heart= orthodoxy, autocracy, nationalism
  2. growing only 1 thing
  3. creates constitution: freedom of speech & assembly, and elected representative body

    ignorance of it= russian revolution
  4. german statesman, became the leading force behind german unification. main political goal: prussia to gain power over austria.
    policy= "blood and iron"
    known as "iron chancellor"
  5. 1. lack of african unity
    2. deceitful tactics
    3. advanced technology/weapons

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  1. missionaryking of prussia (1861-88), emperor of germany (71-88).
    chose otto van bismark ad prussia's prime minister- unified germany together


  2. dark continetnno one knew what the center of africa looked like
    euros didnt go bc: sacred, climate, no infustructure, disease


  3. Henry Stanleyarmy of volunteer troops led by garibaldi. in 1860 they attacked the island of sicily and won it for the italians


  4. african resistance1. shaka and zulu (rebel agst Brits)
    2. by menelik II (keeps italians out)
    3. maji maji rebellion (ast. Germany)


  5. tokugawa shogunateall the european powers trying to claim land in africa. mad-dash for land grab


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