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  1. Giotto Madonna Enthroned (c. 1310)
  2. Jackson Pollock
  3. Holland
  4. Brancusi
  5. Kara Walker, Insurrection!, 2000
  1. a One of the 1st modern artists to achieve total abstraction in sculpture was
    A. Duchamp B. Brancusi C. Kandinsky
  2. b
  3. c Rembrandt
    A. Spain B. Flanders C. Holland D. France E. Italy
  4. d
  5. e __________________________'s painting One (Number 31, 1950) is an example of Abstract Expressionism, which is also termed action painting.

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  1. Mosque
    A. African B. Oceanic C. Native Americas D. Islamic E. Indian F. Chinese G. Japanese
  2. Giovanni Arnolfini and His bride
    A. Limbourg Brothers B. Robert Campin C. Jan van Eyck
  3. When considering modernity and modern art the key component to this movement began as a direct outgrowth and reflection of the __________________.
    A. Industrial Revolution
    B. Plague
    C. Reformation
  4. To combat a trend of male-dominated art shows in major museums and galleries, __________ appeared in public in masks as "conscience of the art world" and mounted huge posters of protest.
    A. Kruger B. Mendieta C. Snyder D. Guerrilla Girls

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  1. Kara WalkerThe artist ___________________________'s unidealized figures and naturalistic treatment of subject matter influenced many later artists throughout Europe, and changed the manner painting was executed.


  2. Rembrandt Van Rijn, Self-Portrait (1652)


  3. SurrealismRestrained spirituality is often present in works of baroque art; in the Roman Catholic countries, for example, scenes of ecstasies, martyrdoms, or miraculous apparitions are not common.
    A. True B. False


  4. Francis BaconPost World War II European artists could NOT move away from death: burning, disfigured, and decaying flesh—as seen in _________________________'s Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef. However American artists turned inward and reflected an inner world—in other words the extension of the artist—how the artist feels—as seen in Jackson Pollock's One (Number 31, 1950) 1950.


  5. Philip GlassShirin Neshat's film Passage was commissioned by the world composer ________.
    a. Subodh Gupta b. Zaha Hadid c. Emily Jacir d. Philip Glass e. Adi Nes


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