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  1. Expressionism
  2. Leonardo da Vinci, Madonna of the Rocks (1483)
  3. Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus (c. 1486)
  4. Tobacco
  5. Muhammad
  1. a The era of Islam was founded in Arabia by _________________ in 622 CE.
  2. b The Bridge Group (Die Brücke)
    A. Fauves B. Expressionism C. Cubism D. Futurism
  3. c Sarah Lucas' The Fag Show was inspired by the artist's conquest of her addiction to:
    a. all of these choices.
    b. alcohol.
    c. drugs and alcohol.
    d. drugs.
    e. tobacco.
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Romanticism believed in the notion that ______________, and they also valued sincere feeling and honest emotions
    A. Feeling is All
    B. Feeling is Dead
    C. Feeling is Feeling
  2. Among the general characteristics of Baroque art are a sense of movement, energy, and tension (whether real or implied).
    A. True B. False
  3. Giovanni Arnolfini and His bride
    A. Limbourg Brothers B. Robert Campin C. Jan van Eyck
  4. Gianlorenzo Bernini
    A. Spain B. Flanders C. Holland D. France E. Italy
  5. "Wild Beasts"
    A. Fauves B. Expressionism C. Cubism D. Futurism

5 True/False questions

  1. SurrealismPicasso's Les Demoiselle's d'Avignon is an excellent example of_________________.


  2. TruePluralism in the arts is the inclusion of not just a white, male master, rather exploring and embracing women artists, artists of color, non-western art, and folk art.

    A. True B. False


  3. Robert Campin, Merode Altarpiece: Annunciation (c.1425-1428)


  4. CaravaggioThe Italian Baroque artist who acquired a lengthy police record for such things as attacking a man with a sword, carrying weapons without a permit, and breaking windows was
    A. Caravaggio B. Gentileschi C. Velázquez


  5. Francis BaconPost World War II European artists could NOT move away from death: burning, disfigured, and decaying flesh—as seen in _________________________'s Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef. However American artists turned inward and reflected an inner world—in other words the extension of the artist—how the artist feels—as seen in Jackson Pollock's One (Number 31, 1950) 1950.


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