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  1. Rosa Bonheur
  2. Dada
  3. True
  4. Muhammad
  5. Sandro Bottecelli
  1. a Pluralism in the arts is the inclusion of not just a white, male master, rather exploring and embracing women artists, artists of color, non-western art, and folk art.

    A. True B. False
  2. b Duchamp
    A. Constructivism B. Dada C. Surrealism
  3. c During the latter years of the fifteenth century in Italy, a painter who used the model Simonetta Vespucci for his Venus is __________________________.
  4. d The era of Islam was founded in Arabia by _________________ in 622 CE.
  5. e The first woman artist to receive the Légion d'Honneur (1865)
    A. Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun
    B. Rosa Bonheur
    C. Mary Cassatt

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  1. Artists throughout the world today, are more than ever, influenced by their knowledge of what is happening in the political world at large, and by their awareness of the art world all around them—past and present.
    a. True b. False
  2. The Early Italian Renaissance took root and flourished most successfully in the city of

    A. Florence B. Naples C. Venice

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  1. GuernicaCézanne
    A. American B. French C. German D. Spanish E. English


  2. OlmecsSome of the earliest, and certainly the most massive, art of the Americas was produced by the ____________.
    A. Olmecs
    B. Mayans
    C. Aztecs
    D. Dogons


  3. Claude Monet, Impression: Sunrise (1872)


  4. Synthetic CubismStrong influence of African, Oceanic, and Iberian art
    A. Fauves B. Expressionism C. Cubism D. Futurism


  5. Robert Rauschenberg_________________________________ introduced a kind of construction referred to as combine painting in which stuffed animals, bottles, articles of clothing and furniture, and scraps of photographs are attached to the canvas.


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