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  1. Caravaggio, The Conversion of St. Paul (1600-1601)
  2. True
  3. Brancusi
  4. Impressionism
  5. Bernini
  1. a
  2. b _________________________ is a late nineteenth-century style of art characterized by the attempt to capture the fleeting effects of light by means of painting in short strokes of pure color.
  3. c Among the general characteristics of Baroque art are a sense of movement, energy, and tension (whether real or implied).
    A. True B. False
  4. d One of the 1st modern artists to achieve total abstraction in sculpture was
    A. Duchamp B. Brancusi C. Kandinsky
  5. e ___________________'s David is a perfect example of Baroque style: which combines space, a sense of movement, energy, tension and theatrical spirituality.
    A. Caravaggio B. Gentileschi C. Velázquez D. Bernini

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  1. Monet
    A. Neoclassicism B. Romanticism C. Realism D. Impressionism
  2. _________________________ is a French word meaning "rebirth."
  3. The Early Italian Renaissance took root and flourished most successfully in the city of

    A. Florence B. Naples C. Venice
  4. Romanticism believed in the notion that ______________, and they also valued sincere feeling and honest emotions
    A. Feeling is All
    B. Feeling is Dead
    C. Feeling is Feeling

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  1. Rosa BonheurPeter Paul Rubens
    A. Spain B. Flanders C. Holland D. France E. Italy


  2. All of These ChoicesAmong the foremost painters of the Italian Baroque was Artemisia _________________, the daughter of a successful Roman artist.
    A. Caravaggio B. Gentileschi C. Velázquez


  3. Post-Modernist_________________________ is a late nineteenth-century art style that relies on the gains made by Impressionists in terms of the use of color and spontaneous brushwork, but which uses these elements as expressive devices.


  4. Robert Campin, Merode Altarpiece: Annunciation (c.1425-1428)


  5. Siddhartha GautamaAmong the 21st century women architects to become infamous includes:
    a. Shirin Neshat.
    b. Emily Jacir.
    c. Zaha Hadid.
    d. Sarah Lucas.
    e. Prajakta Palav Aher.


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