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  1. bisible artifact
  2. adaptability
  3. false
  4. decreasing a type conflict
  5. allowing employees to personalize their cubicles
  1. a Milsand Corp. used office cubicles for its employees. Employees were not allowed to personalize their cubicles. If Milsand wanted to change its organizational culture, it could begin by ____.
  2. b The nominal group technique improves group decision making by ____.
  3. c A mace is commonly used at a university or college convocation ceremony. The mace was originally a weapon, then became the symbol of government, and now has become the symbol of authority of the institution to grant diplomas or degrees. In terms of organizational culture, the mace is an example of a(n) ____.
  4. d Global new ventures bring a good or service to market in one foreign market at a time.
  5. e According to a book by a Harvard Business School professor, some organizational cultures simply cannot meet the challenges posed by innovation and must respond to threats from new technologies by building outside ventures. Digital Equipment is described as having one of those organizational cultures. The company squandered the opportunities presented by the PC revolution even though it was well equipped to build cheap PCs. The company did not have ____.

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  1. The first step in the strategy-making process is to ____.
  2. The three steps in the basic process of managing organizational change outlined by Kurt Lewin are ____.
  3. An international distribution company has a shipping division, a warehouse division, a computer hardware and software distribution center, as well as, a marketing research department, a human resources department, and an accounting department. A salesperson who works in the shipping division is told by the accounting department that he must turn in a weekly expense account. His supervisor in the shipping division wants expense accounts submitted monthly. The salesperson is likely experiencing a problem with ____.
  4. When using ____techniques to change organizational culture, the key to success is to choose behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the old culture that is changing and the new culture you want to create.
  5. The level of agreement on whether behavior is good or bad is defined as the level of ethical acceptance.

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  1. choosing a goal and developing a method or strategy to achieve that goalThe first step in the strategy-making process is to ____.


  2. falseResistance to change usually results from organizational factors: such as the absence of promotion guidelines, bonuses, and praise.


  3. closed systemsWhich of the following is an example of a common approach to corporate-level strategy?


  4. setting objectives consistent with organizational goals or planning and implementing subunit strategies for achieving these objectivesWhich of the following typically is NOT performed by top managers?


  5. trueCompanies that succeed are often constantly re-examining strategies or competitive practices that have been successful in the past in order to ascertain their probable future success.


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