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  1. job enlargement
  2. uncertainty
  3. true
  4. false
  1. a Environmental ____ is affected by environmental complexity, change, and resources.
  2. b In matrix departmentalization, as in other forms of departmentalization, most employees report to a single boss.
  3. c The three positioning strategies are cost leadership, differentiation, and focus.
  4. d An organization that has increased the number of different tasks that a worker performs within one particular job has engaged in ____.

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  1. When Coca-Cola acquired a water-treatment and bottling plant so it could produce and market Dasani brand bottled water, it was an example of ____.
  2. A top manager for a management consulting firm would
  3. E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project teams perform field research for its clients. One team had to spend time riding in the back seat of a squad car, accompanying cops on drug raids, as part of research for a new communications device for police departments. Another team studied how people get sick with a cold to create a new over-the-counter cold remedy. Often clients give team members extremely ambitious goals which the team members initially have no idea how to solve. In other words, project teams are given ____.
  4. The coordination of departmental activities tends to be more difficult with the geographic approach to departmentalization than with the other approaches.
  5. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a regional trade agreement between Canada and the United States. No other nations have signed this trade agreement.

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  1. trueConflicts and disagreements often characterize the second stage of team development, which is called storming.


  2. trueManagers are responsible for doing the basic work in the company.


  3. creativityEnvironmental ____ is affected by environmental complexity, change, and resources.


  4. behavioral substitution and additionCompanies need to excel at managing ____ in order to successfully manage innovation streams.


  5. monitorConnie O'Day is a middle-level manager for the publishers of Free Spirit magazine, a publication targeted to women who are not focused on finding a husband or maintaining a house and garden. She spends much of her day conducting interviews with groups of women to determine what they consider most important in their lives. She also keeps an eye on the sales and content of other women's magazines. Which informational role does O'Day perform?


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