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  1. false
  2. whistleblower
  3. competitive advantage
  4. entrepreneur
  1. a Mark Graf, a security specialist at the Rocky Flats nuclear facility outside Denver, became alarmed about the temporary removal of 450 kilograms of plutonium oxide from a vault-like room to a "soft room" protected by drywall that you could punch a hole through. Graf eventually had to take his concerns to the media before the plutonium was stored once again in a safe location. Graf actions can be described as a(n) ____.
  2. b In the decisional role of ____, managers adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to incremental change.
  3. c Refer to Gore. When introduced, Gore-Tex fabric gave its manufacturer W. L. Gore a _____.
  4. d The rational decision-making model assumes that managers make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

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  1. ____ occurs when workers deliberately slow down their pace or restrict their work outputs.
  2. When McDonald's entered into an agreement with a French entrepreneur who wanted to own and operate a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Paris, McDonald's saw the new restaurant as an opportunity. Unfortunately, the restaurant in Paris was not maintained at the cleanliness standards prescribed by McDonald's (but acceptable to the cleanliness standards of the French). McDonald's brought legal action to have the restaurant closed. This example illustrates ____.
  3. Strategic dissonance is a discrepancy between upper management's intended strategy and the strategy actually implemented by the lower levels of management.
  4. Global business is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services by people from different countries.
  5. The European Union (EU) bans the importation of hormone-fed U.S. beef and bioengineered corn and soybeans on safety grounds. This ban is so consumers in the EU will buy domestic beef and products made from domestically produced corn and soybeans. This ban is an example of ____.

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  1. dominationAccording to Mary Parker Follett, ____ is the easiest way to deal with conflict for the moment, but it is not usually successful in the long run


  2. cooperativeThe ____ strategy of minimizing or adapting to the political risk inherent to global business makes use of joint ventures and collaborative contracts.


  3. accountabilityWhen managers delegate work, three transfers occur. The three transfers are responsibility, authority, and ____.


  4. falseGroupthink is more likely to occur in a highly cohesive group that is insulated from others and has no established procedure for systematically defining problems and exploring alternatives.


  5. easy acess to growing marketsThe most important factor used by a globalizing company for determining if a country or a region has an attractive business climate is ____.


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