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  1. rules and regulations
  2. cooperative
  3. feelings of intrinsic motivation
  4. skill based pay; gainsharing
  5. true
  1. a Novo Nordisk is a European manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. An employee , Rikke NedergaardBischoff, who is a clinical-development scientist, contends that Novo upholds the standards expected of public institutions without the stifling bureaucracy. She says, "There's a great deal of empowerment at Novo Nordisk." Novo Nordisk provides NedergaardBischoff with ____.
  2. b The ____ strategy of minimizing or adapting to the political risk inherent to global business makes use of joint ventures and collaborative contracts.
  3. c Under conditions in which the rate of both environmental change and complexity go up while environmental resources become scarce, environmental uncertainty can be expected to increase.
  4. d Which of the following is the most specific type of standing plan?
  5. e In general, ____ is most effective for self-managing and self-directing teams performing complex tasks, while ____ works best in relatively stable environments where employees can focus on improving the productivity, cost savings, or quality of their current work system.

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  1. Teams can be broadly classified as either ____.
  2. A preference for teamwork (i.e., collectivism), team level, and team diversity can help companies choose the right team members.
  3. Managers often prefer economic statistics to business confidence indices as tools for managerial decision making because of their inherently greater accuracy.
  4. A(n) ____ is a set of interrelated elements or parts that function as a whole.
  5. Kodak is a company name associated with photography. The development of the digital camera forced Kodak into the innovation stream because the new imaging process was a(n) ____.

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  1. by creating problem-solving teams to study ways to improve customer satisfaction and make recommendations for improvementsRefer to Yuengling. In the first stage of the planning process for Yuengling, it should have ____.


  2. prospectingIBM has a long-standing "Reinventing Education" program, which involves intensive research into how educational institutions can use the fruits of new technologies to transform what they do and thereby improve education. IBM is using a(n) ____ strategy to show its social responsibility


  3. falseThe rational decision-making model assumes that managers make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.


  4. changeTechnical skill refers to the ability to see the organization as a whole, how the different parts affect each other, and how the company fits into or is affected by its environment.


  5. falseTop managers are responsible for creating a climate for change in an organization.


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