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  1. tariffs
  2. reciprocal, pooled, and sequential
  3. conflict managemnt training
  4. false
  5. speed innovation through early identification of new ideas or problems that would typically not have been generated until much later
  1. a As Malta got ready for its admittance into the European Union (EU), the EU removed all taxes on the importation of goods manufactured in Malta. In other words, the EU abolished ____ for Malta-manufactured merchandise.
  2. b Which of the following is NOT necessary for stretch goals to effectively motivate teams?
  3. c The three types of task interdependence are
  4. d Companies that succeed are often constantly re-examining strategies or competitive practices that have been successful in the past in order to ascertain their probable future success.
  5. e The purpose of multifunctional teams is to ____.

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  1. When Clorox Corporation, the manufacturer of bleach and bleach-based cleaning products, acquired Kingsford Charcoal and Prime Choice brand steak sauce; it was an example of ____.
  2. The achievement of stretch goals is made easier when the team members have ____.
  3. Team leaders typically
  4. According to Mary Parker Follett, if managers use ____ to settle or reduce conflict, each of the parties involved give up some of what they want.
  5. In general, skill-based pay is most effective for managing the performance of self-managing and self-directing teams.

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  1. conflict could be beneficialIn a departure from mainstream management thinking, Mary Parker Follett believed ____.


  2. trueThe phase model of globalization means that companies made the transition from a domestic company to a global company in three sequential phases. The three phases are exporting, followed by wholly owned subsidiaries, and finishing with strategic alliances.


  3. policy uncertaintyUganda is one of only two countries in the world that produce a mineral required in the manufacturing of cellular phones. Several mining companies recently moved their operations out of the region due to a bloody civil war resulting from a change in rulers. This is an example of how ____ can influence global business.


  4. falseAccording to the stakeholder model of social responsibility, no stakeholder groups are more or less important than any other.


  5. trueThe group of medical specialists that work in the neonatal unit of a large teaching hospital has assumed that one of the ____ they should follow is to explain to students the "whys" of specific procedures as they are performed. There is no hospital rule mandating that the students be told an explanation.


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