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  1. other firms with an industry
  2. technological discontinuity
  3. accommodative
  4. ample resources are available
  5. they can affect public perceptions and opinions
  1. a In a situational analysis, a strategic group is a group of ____ that top managers choose for comparing, evaluating, and benchmarking their company's strategic threats and opportunities.
  2. b Secondary stakeholders are important to a company because ____.
  3. c The Rainforest Action Network, a national advocacy group, launched a bruising PR campaign to stop Home Deport from selling old-growth lumber. After two years of bad publicity and resistance to new store locations, Home Depot surrendered. Today, its suppliers are working with environmental and forestry groups to certify that their wood products are not from endangered areas. Home Depot used a(n) ____ strategy to respond to demands that it be socially responsible.
  4. d Which of the following statements describes a circumstance under which teams ought to be used?
  5. e Kodak is a company name associated with photography. The development of the digital camera forced Kodak into the innovation stream because the new imaging process was a(n) ____.

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  1. According to the job characteristics model, ____ means pushing some managerial authority down to workers.
  2. According to social psychologist Kurt Lewin, ____ lead to differences in the form, quality, or condition of an organization over time, while ____ support the status quo, or the existing state of conditions in an organization.
  3. In the decisional role of ____, managers adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to incremental change.
  4. Direct foreign investment is an increasingly important and common method of conducting global business.
  5. A management study discovered that companies, which invest in their people, will create long-term competitive advantages difficult for other companies to duplicate.

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  1. falseMary Parker Follett believed that managers could best deal with conflict through compromise


  2. members must learn to express themselves in new contextsThe major drawback to the use of virtual teams is ____.


  3. falseA preference for teamwork (i.e., collectivism), team level, and team diversity can help companies choose the right team members.


  4. falseOne of the advantages of a systems view of management is that it forces managers to be aware of how the environment affects specific parts of the organization.


  5. trueStakeholders are people or groups with an interest in a company's actions.


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