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  1. Henri Fayol
  2. norms
  3. manage external and internal relationships
  4. false
  5. true
  1. a The group of medical specialists that work in the neonatal unit of a large teaching hospital has assumed that one of the ____ they should follow is to explain to students the "whys" of specific procedures as they are performed. There is no hospital rule mandating that the students be told an explanation.
  2. b Stakeholders are people or groups with an interest in a company's actions.
  3. c Technological management involves managing the production of goods and services
  4. d Team leaders typically
  5. e ____ is best known for developing the five functions of managers and the fourteen principles of management.

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  1. A technology cycle occurs whenever there are major advances or changes in the ____ in a field or discipline.
  2. ____ can help organizations to maintain flexibility as they plan.
  3. Which of the following represents the correct sequence for the phase model of globalization?
  4. Doug has a low-paying job for a telecommunications company. Every day when he goes home from work, Doug puts a headset, a stapler, or something similar in his lunch box and takes it home with him. Doug sees nothing wrong with his behavior since he feels he is being paid less than he should. In terms of Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Doug is operating at which level?
  5. According to John Kotter, which of the following actions will adversely influence refreezing efforts?

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  1. falseAn innovation stream begins with a technological discontinuity, which is a scientific advance or a unique combination of existing technologies creating a significant breakthrough in performance or function.


  2. open systemsNearly all organizations that interact with their environments and depend on them for survival are viewed as ____.


  3. falseEthics is the set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group


  4. trueStructural accommodation means giving teams the ability to change organizational structures, policies, and practices if it helps them meet their stretch goals.


  5. unrelated diversificationStarbucks, the operator of Starbucks coffeehouses, also markets a line of compilation CDs and other non-coffee items. The making and marketing of the CDs and other non-coffee products would be an example of ____.


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