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  1. À plus tard
  2. Bonjour
  3. Au revoir
  4. Bof
  5. Tchao
  1. a
    See you later
  2. b
    Hello (good day)
  3. c
  4. d
    Good bye (until we see each other again)
  5. e
    Bye (Italian word)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. It's not going fine

  2. Hi or Bye (strictly informal)

  3. It's going so-so

  4. See you soon... within hours

  5. (It's going) fine

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  1. Je suis claquée
    I'm exhausted (male speaking)


  2. Je pète la forme
    I'm doing awesome (I'm in great shape/tip-top form)


  3. Ça va super!
    It's going well


  4. À lundi
    See you tomorrow


  5. Ça va très mal
    It's going badly


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