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  1. John Brown
  2. secede
  3. border states
  4. Missouri Compromise
  5. states' rights
  1. a the idea that states should be able to make their own decisions
  2. b breaking away from the nation
  3. c abolitionist who believed you could stop slavery be force. he was hung for raiding Harpers Ferry in Virginia
  4. d states that were located between the Union and Confederacy that had slaves but wanted to stay with the Union
  5. e a law passed in 1820 that prohibited areas to have slaves. states above the Missouri Compromise line were free states and below were slave states.

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  1. he protested that Nebraska should be split in two
  2. a state where there is no slavery
  3. a state with slaves
  4. an African American who claimed he was free because he lived in a free state
  5. Confederate States of America formed by the stated that seceded

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  1. Uniona short name for the United States


  2. Joseph Cinqueled the Amistad rebellion on the ship called the Amistad


  3. Henry Claysenator who is know as great compromiser


  4. Kansas-Nebraska Actin 1854 a law passed that said Kansas and Nebraska could decide if they wanted slave


  5. Fugitive Slave lawa state with slaves


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