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  1. Site factors
  2. Trading bloc
  3. Post-Fordist production
  4. Nonbasic Industries
  5. Central Business District
  1. a Adoption by companies of flexible work rules, such as the allocation of workers to teams that perform a variety of tasks.
  2. b A group of neighboring countries that promote trade with each other and erect barriers to limit trade with other blocs
  3. c Location factors related to the costs of factors of production inside the plant, such as land, labor, and capital.
  4. d Industries that sell their products primarily to consumers in the community.
  5. e The area of the city where retail and office activities are clustered.

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  1. Form of mass production in which each worker is assigned one specific task to perform repeatedly.
  2. Industries that sell their products or services primarily to consumers outside the settlement.
  3. An industry in which the final product weighs more or compromises a greater volume than the inputs
  4. Location factors related to the transportation of materials into and from a factory.
  5. A fabric made by weaving, used in making clothing

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  1. Market areaThe area surrounding a central place, from which people are attracted to use the place's goods and services.


  2. Producer servicesBusinesses that provide services primarily to individual consumers, including retail services and personal services.


  3. SettlementA permanent collection of buildings and inhabitants.


  4. Enclosure movementThe process of consolidating small landholdings into a smaller number of larger farms in England during the eighteenth century.


  5. Dispersed rural settlementA rural settlement pattern characterized by isolated farms rather than clustered villages.


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