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  1. Range
  2. Producer services
  3. Break-of-bulk point
  4. Fordist production
  5. Economic base
  1. a Services that primarily help people conduct business.
  2. b A location where transfer is possible from one mode of transportation to another.
  3. c A community's collection of basic industries.
  4. d The maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service.
  5. e Form of mass production in which each worker is assigned one specific task to perform repeatedly.

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  1. An activity that fulfills a human want or need and returns money to those who provide it.
  2. Factories built by U.S. companies in Mexico near the U.S. border, to take advantage of much cheaper labor costs in Mexico.
  3. Location factors related to the transportation of materials into and from a factory.
  4. Adoption by companies of flexible work rules, such as the allocation of workers to teams that perform a variety of tasks.
  5. Manufacturing based in homes rather than in a factory, commonly found before the Industrial Revolution.

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  1. Retail ServicesServices that provide goods for sale to consumers.


  2. Clustered rural settlementA rural settlement in which the houses and farm buildings of each family are situated close to each other and fields surround the settlement.


  3. Central PlaceA theory that explains the distribution of services, based on the fact that settlements serve as centers of market areas for services; larger settlements are fewer and farther apart than smaller settlements and provide services for a larger number of people who are willing to travel farther.


  4. Nonbasic IndustriesIndustries that sell their products or services primarily to consumers outside the settlement.


  5. Labor-intensive industryAn industry in which the final product weighs more or compromises a greater volume than the inputs


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