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Marketing Chapter 22 Test

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  1. Content paid for by a company to be place online.
  2. Using consumers to develop and market product.
  3. A publicly accessible Web page that functions as an interactive journal, whereby readers can post comments on the author's entries.
  4. Blogs with strict post length limits.
  5. Any tool or service that uses the Internet to facilitate conversations.

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  1. Location-Based Social Networking SitesWeb sites that combine the fun of social networking with the utility of location-based GPS technology.


  2. Social New SitesWeb sites that allow users to decide which content is promoted on a given Web site by voting that content up or down.


  3. Noncorporate BlogsIndependent blogs that are not associated with the marketing efforts of any particular company or brand.


  4. Earned MediaOnline content that an organization creates and controls.


  5. Media Sharing SitesWeb sties that allow users to upload and distribute multimedia content like videos and photos.


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