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  1. Oil Embargo
  2. Philadelphia Plan
  3. Helinski Accords
  4. Sam Ervin
  5. Rachel Carson
  1. a international agreement of 1975, signed by president ford, that settled postwar european boundaries and attempted to guarantee human rights in eastern europe
  2. b environmental writer whose book silent spring helped encourage laws like the clean water act and the edangered species act
  3. c arab-sponsored restriction on energy exports after the 1973 arab-israeli war
  4. d term for the new group affirmative action policy promoted by the nixon administration
  5. e north carolina senator who condudcted the watergate hearings

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  1. the law, passed in reaction to the secret cambodia bombing, that restricted presidential use of troops overseas without congressional authorization
  2. the first major achievement of the nixon-kissinger detente with the soviet union, which led to restrictions on defensive missile systems
  3. supreme court justice whose "judicial activism" came under increasing attack by conservatives
  4. a washington office complex that became a symbol of the widespread corruption of the nixon administration
  5. california medical school applicant whose case led a divided supreme court to uphold limited forms of affirmative action for minorities

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  1. Spiro Agnewnixon's tough-talking conservative vice president, who was forced to resign in 1973 for taking bribes and kickbacks


  2. James Earl Carterformer georgia governor whose presidency was plagued by economic difficulties and a crisis in iran


  3. George McGovernsouth dakota senator whose antiwar campaign was swamped bynixon


  4. Title IXnixon-ford-kissinger policy of seeking relaxe tensions with the soviet union through trade and arms limitation


  5. Alcatraz, Wounded Kneesupreme court justice whose "judicial activism" came under increasing attack by conservatives


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