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  1. Spiro Agnew
  2. Gerald Ford
  3. Helinski Accords
  4. James Earl Carter
  5. Anwar Sadat
  1. a the first appointed vice president and first appointed president of the united states
  2. b nixon's tough-talking conservative vice president, who was forced to resign in 1973 for taking bribes and kickbacks
  3. c former georgia governor whose presidency was plagued by economic difficulties and a crisis in iran
  4. d egyptian leader who signed the camp david accords with israel
  5. e international agreement of 1975, signed by president ford, that settled postwar european boundaries and attempted to guarantee human rights in eastern europe

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  1. nixon-ford-kissinger policy of seeking relaxe tensions with the soviet union through trade and arms limitation
  2. Strategynixon's plan to win reelection by curbing the supreme court's judicial activism and soft-pedaling civil rights
  3. nixon's policy of withdrawing american troops from vietnam while providing aid for the south vietnamese to fight the war
  4. the first major achievement of the nixon-kissinger detente with the soviet union, which led to restrictions on defensive missile systems
  5. talented diplomatic negotiator and leading architect of detente with the soviet union during the nixon and ford administrations

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  1. George McGovernsouth dakota senator whose antiwar campaign was swamped bynixon


  2. Shah of Iranrepressive pro-western ruler whose 1979 overthrow precipitated a crisis for the united states


  3. Philadelphia Planterm for the new group affirmative action policy promoted by the nixon administration


  4. Pentagon Paperstop-secret documents, published by the new york times in 1971, that showed the blunders and deceptions that led the united states into the vietnam war


  5. Title IXprovision of the 1972 education amendments that prohibited gender discrimination and opened sports and other arenas to women


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