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  1. transmission
  2. epidemics
  3. eosinophils
  4. Swallowing
  5. inflammation
  1. a spread/transfer of pathogen from one organism to another
  2. b Saliva flushes bacteria into stomach where they are destroyed by gastric acids
  3. c release cationic proteins that have antimicrobial properties
  4. d Is a response to cell damage
  5. e occur when the incidence of the disease suddenly becomes higher than normal

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  1. largest organ of the body
  2. causes malaria via plasmodium
  3. have mouth parts for sucking, have legs with claws, causes epidemic typhus via rickettsia prowazekii or epidemic relapsing fever via borrelia recurrentis
  4. causes scrub typhus via orientia tsutsugamushi/rickettsia tsutsugamushi
  5. yersinia pestis in rats

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  1. respiratory nucleisurface skin cells


  2. cockroachdisease spread from animals to humans


  3. Encoscopyinstruments are introduced into the gastrointestinal tract


  4. body lousereleased by blood platelets; kills
    gram positive bacteria


  5. cytotoxic t cellsalso called killer T cells


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