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  1. prevalence rates
  2. small blood-sucking insects
  3. immunology
  4. Natural killer cells
  5. black fly
  1. a kill tumor cells and virally infected host cells
  2. b stimulium/gnat, blood sucking, causes onchocerciasis via onchocerca
  3. c the total number of people with a disease at any given time
  4. d study of all aspects of a host's defense against infection
  5. e mosquitoes, lice, fleas

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  1. invertebrate animals
  2. pancreatic enzymes, bile and intestinal secreations
  3. chrysops, female feeds on blood, causes loiasis via loa loa
  4. make antibodies, reach maturity in bone marrow
  5. breach of the barrier provided by the skin

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  1. Sneezingmucociliary blanket of the respiratory epithelium traps irritants in the mucous layer and moves them to the back of mouth to be expelled or swallowed


  2. avian influenzaa prophylactic measure to prevent disease; boosts the immune response so that disease is either not seen or is mild


  3. fecal-oral routebreach of the barrier provided by the skin


  4. transmissionspread/transfer of pathogen from one organism to another


  5. mast cellsforeign substance, antibody generating molecules


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