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  1. redness
  2. sporadic diseases
  3. immunology
  4. immunocompromised persons
  5. Gut-associated lymphoid tissue
  1. a Includes the tonsils, adenoids, and Peyer's patches
  2. b people with a weakened immune system
  3. c rubor
  4. d occur in a random and unpredictable manner; pose no threat to public health
  5. e study of all aspects of a host's defense against infection

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  1. small respiratory droplets
  2. instruments are introduced into the gastrointestinal tract
  3. also called nonspecific immunity
  4. confined to short distances
  5. physical removal of microorganism during urination

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  1. operationsany surgical procedure has the
    potential to introduce pathogens into the body


  2. disseminationspread of microbes within the body


  3. dendritic cellslarge cells found in connective tissues throughout body, abundant in submucosal tissues, derived from bone marrow


  4. xenopsylla/rat fleacauses endemic typhus/murine typhus via rickettsia typhi or bubonic plague via yersinia pesti


  5. insectshave 3 pairs of legs


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