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  1. transmission
  2. cutaneous anthrax
  3. filarial worm
  4. food-borne transmission
  5. Cationic/defensins
  1. a spread by ingestion of contaminated food items
  2. b positively charged molecules, are produced by many different cell types including neutrophils, Paneth cells, epithelia, attack the plasma membrane of microbes, are effective against bacteria, fungi, and some viruses
  3. c spread/transfer of pathogen from one organism to another
  4. d wuchereria bancrofti
  5. e bacillus anthracis in cattle

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  1. penetrate the skin and inject saliva/defecate/regurgitate pathogen directly into the blood
  2. have mouth parts for sucking, have legs with claws, causes epidemic typhus via rickettsia prowazekii or epidemic relapsing fever via borrelia recurrentis
  3. form of indirect transmission
  4. pathogen completes part of its life cycle within the organism
  5. bird flu

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  1. vectorstoll-like receptors


  2. immunoprecipitationprocess for purification of antigens using antibody linkage and precipitation by mass


  3. allergenssubstance that stimulates an allergy/allergic reaction


  4. SwallowingSaliva flushes bacteria into stomach where they are destroyed by gastric acids


  5. ornithodoros species/soft-bodied tickcauses rocky mountain spotted fever via rickettsia rickettsii


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