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  1. keratinocytes
  2. surveillance epidemiology
  3. MHC
  4. reduviid bug
  5. extravasation
  1. a movement of cells out of blood vessels
  2. b kissing bug/triatoma, causes chagas' disease/american trypanosomiasis via trypanosoma cruzi
  3. c surface skin cells
  4. d major histocompatibility complex
  5. e tracks and seeks to eliminate epidemic diseases

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  1. the ability of the body to specifically counteract foreign organisms such as viruses, bacteria and toxins
  2. also called acquired or specific immunity, third line of defense
  3. composed of widely distributed cells, tissues, and organs that recognize foreign substances and microorganisms, and act to neutralize or destroy them
  4. pathogen is transmitted passively on the feet and body parts of arthropod
  5. act on small, phagocytosable, intracellular pathogens; stimulates an inflammatory response

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  1. disseminationspread of microbes within the body


  2. macrophagesderived from monocytes, large phagocytic leukocytes/phagocytes, found circulating in blood and tissues


  3. Intraepidermal lymphocytesbreach of the barrier provided by the skin


  4. transmissionhave 4 pairs of legs


  5. arthropodhave 4 pairs of legs


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