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  1. Swallowing
  2. plague
  3. neutralization
  4. small, blood-sucking arachnids
  5. allergens
  1. a Saliva flushes bacteria into stomach where they are destroyed by gastric acids
  2. b cover pathogen with antibodies to phagocytize
  3. c substance that stimulates an allergy/allergic reaction
  4. d yersinia pestis in rats
  5. e mites, ticks

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  1. proteins produced by cells of immune system, specifically B cells
  2. phagocytes, recruited to site of infection
  3. mosquitoes, lice, fleas
  4. invertebrate animals
  5. physical removal of microorganism during urination

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  1. anopheles mosquitocauses yellow fever/dengue fever via flavivirus sp.


  2. prostatic antibacterial factorsecreted by the male prostate gland


  3. T lymphocytes/T cellskill tumor cells and virally infected host cells, develop in thymus


  4. phagocytosiscells with granules inside the cytoplasmic matrix


  5. droplet transmissionconfined to short distances


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