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  1. biting vectors
  2. field epidemiology
  3. TH3
  4. operations
  5. Cationic/defensins
  1. a important in mucosal immunity; inhibits the action of TH1 and TH2; anti-inflammatory
  2. b positively charged molecules, are produced by many different cell types including neutrophils, Paneth cells, epithelia, attack the plasma membrane of microbes, are effective against bacteria, fungi, and some viruses
  3. c penetrate the skin and inject saliva/defecate/regurgitate pathogen directly into the blood
  4. d any surgical procedure has the
    potential to introduce pathogens into the body
  5. e investigate disease outbreaks

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  1. infected feces of one host enters a new host via ingestion either by direct contact with feces or fomites, or by ingestion of contaminated food or water
  2. feeds on blood, causes leishmaniasis via leishmania
  3. study of factors and mechanisms involved in the frequency and spread of diseases and other health-related problems
  4. leptospira
  5. causes malaria via plasmodium

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  1. keratinclostridium tetani


  2. airborne transmissionconfined to short distances


  3. MHCsmaller than ticks, 6 legs in larval stage, 8 legs as an adult


  4. allergenssubstance that stimulates an allergy/allergic reaction


  5. aerosolsrefers to mist-like water droplets


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