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  1. cytotoxic t cells
  2. vector transmission
  3. sandfly
  4. neutrophils
  5. dendritic cells
  1. a form of indirect transmission
  2. b also called killer T cells
  3. c phagocytes, recruited to site of infection
  4. d feeds on blood, causes leishmaniasis via leishmania
  5. e derived from monocytes, phagocytic cells, phagocytize foreign agents

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  1. plebotomus
  2. arises from contact with contaminated substances
  3. pathogen is transmitted passively on the feet and body parts of arthropod
  4. specialized dendritic cells
  5. a prophylactic measure to prevent disease; boosts the immune response so that disease is either not seen or is mild

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  1. cockroachinstruments are introduced into the abdominal cavity


  2. vectorshave 3 pairs of legs


  3. aerosolsrefers to mist-like water droplets


  4. Coughingmucociliary blanket of the respiratory epithelium traps irritants in the mucous layer and moves them to the back of mouth to be expelled or swallowed


  5. paneth cellslarge cells found in connective tissues throughout body, abundant in submucosal tissues, derived from bone marrow


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