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  1. granulocytes
  2. macrophages
  3. Low pH
  4. Swallowing
  5. skin-associated lymphoid tissue
  1. a cells with granules inside the cytoplasmic matrix
  2. b Saliva flushes bacteria into stomach where they are destroyed by gastric acids
  3. c derived from monocytes, large phagocytic leukocytes/phagocytes, found circulating in blood and tissues
  4. d provides defense should microbes move beyond the surface of the skin
  5. e skin and sweat, hydrochloric acid in stomach

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  1. a clumping of bacteria or red cells when held together by antibodies
  2. spread by ingestion of contaminated food items
  3. plebotomus
  4. have 4 pairs of legs
  5. have 3 pairs of legs

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  1. mortality ratecauses blood vessels to constrict


  2. tetanusclostridium tetani


  3. eosinophilssurface skin cells


  4. latencyperiodic reactivation of microbe


  5. incidence ratesthe number of individuals affected by a disease during a set period of time divided by the total population


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