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  1. alveolar macrophages
  2. immunocompromised persons
  3. mites
  4. Bronchoscopy
  5. hospital epidemiology
  1. a macrophages stationed in the lungs that phagocytize and kill microbes
  2. b smaller than ticks, 6 legs in larval stage, 8 legs as an adult
  3. c investigate the source of noscomial infections
  4. d people with a weakened immune system
  5. e instruments are introduced into the respiratory tract

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  1. T cells found in the epidermis of the skin
  2. kill tumor cells and virally infected host cells, develop in thymus
  3. causes yellow fever/dengue fever via flavivirus sp.
  4. act on large, non-phagocytosable, extracellular helminths; shifts the immune response from cell mediated to humoral immunity
  5. penetrate the skin and inject saliva/defecate/regurgitate pathogen directly into the blood

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  1. langerhans cellsspecialized dendritic cells


  2. edemalocal swelling, dilutes toxins


  3. surveillance epidemiologytracks and seeks to eliminate epidemic diseases


  4. insectssmaller than ticks, 6 legs in larval stage, 8 legs as an adult


  5. aerosolsrefers to mist-like water droplets


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