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  1. Herbert Hoover
  2. Warren G. Harding
  3. Mae West
  4. Benny Goodman
  5. Colonel Edward House
  1. a Associated with Wilson's efforts to end the Great War
  2. b "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"
  3. c Secretary of Commerce during the 20s
  4. d Swing music
  5. e Republican nominee for President in 1920 who called for a "return to normalcy"

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  1. Appointed by Roosevelt to head the Works Progress Administration
  2. Goodwill Tour
  3. Quarantine Speech
  4. Share Our Wealth Plan
  5. Birth of a Nation

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  1. John J. Pershing"It is dependent upon a national union representing all employees--whether skilled or unskilled, or whether working by brain or brawn--in each basic industry"


  2. Roosevelt"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"


  3. Charles Evans HughesFlew the Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic Ocean


  4. Alfred LandonRoosevelt's Republican opponent in the election of 1936


  5. PerkinsQuarantine Speech


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