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  1. Harry Hopkins
  2. Charles Coughlin
  3. Hoover
  4. Mae West
  5. John J. Pershing
  1. a "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"
  2. b Commander of the American military forces during WWI
  3. c Goodwill Tour
  4. d Appointed by Roosevelt to head the Works Progress Administration
  5. e Harsh critic of Roosevelt who called for the gov. to take over ownership of the nation's banks

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  1. Secretary of Commerce during the 20s
  2. First leader to head his government
  3. General in Spanish Civil War
  4. Swing music
  5. Began the mass production of automobiles when he introduced the moving assembly line in 1913

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  1. Vladimir LeninRoosevelt's Republican opponent in the election of 1936


  2. FDRGoodwill Tour


  3. Eugene DebsLeader of socialist party who was sent to prison for his opposition to American participation in WWI


  4. Calvin CoolidgeChairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the Treaty of Versailles was considered


  5. Louis ArmstrongCowboy who was the lead character in a popular radio program in the 30s


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