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  1. Margaret Sanger
  2. Charles Lindbergh
  3. Vladimir Lenin
  4. FDR
  5. Colonel Edward House
  1. a Planned Parenthood, advocate of birth control
  2. b Quarantine Speech
  3. c Led the Bolshevik Revolution
  4. d Associated with Wilson's efforts to end the Great War
  5. e Flew the Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic Ocean

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  1. Commander of the American military forces during WWI
  2. Share Our Wealth Plan
  3. Migrant Mother
  4. International hero because of his ability to hit home runs
  5. First leader to head his government

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  1. FDRGoodwill Tour


  2. Henry Cabot LodgeChairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the Treaty of Versailles was considered


  3. PerkinsQuarantine Speech


  4. Herbert HooverGoodwill Tour


  5. Louis ArmstrongCowboy who was the lead character in a popular radio program in the 30s


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