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Diurnal Tide

astronomical tide only one high tide and one low tide

Ebb Tides

tidal currents flowing seaward with falling sea levels

Semi-Diurnal Tides

astronomical tide two high tides and two low tides

Red Tides

discoloration of surface ocean waters by high amounts microscopic organisms: algal bloom


distance wind blows over a water surface

Flood Tides

tidal currents directed toward land, causing water to rise in harbor

Coastal Downwelling

downward movement of warm surface waters along coast

Coastal Upwelling

up movement of cold nutrient-rich water along coast


nearly circular motion of surface ocean currents in each of major ocean basins

El Nino

warming of surface waters in tropical pacific; 12-18 months; occurs every 3-7 years

La Nina

episode of strong trade winds

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