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  1. physical developer t
  2. ridgeology
  3. lands t
  4. whorl t
  5. How do explosions get the oxygen they need for combustion to occur?
  1. a The study of ridge characteristics
  2. b They must use an oxidation agent which is a chemical that already hs oxygen n it.
  3. c a class of fingerprints that includes ridge patterns that are round or circular and have two deltas.
  4. d the raised portion between the grooves in a rifled bore.
  5. e a silver nitrate based reagent formulated to develop latent fingerprints on porous surfaces.

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  1. seperate and unconnected fires
    use of streamers
    presence of accelerant
  2. reaction in which heat is released
  3. Loops
  4. a. fuel
    b. oxygen
    c. heat
  5. a. No two fingerprints have identical ridge characteristics
    b. Fingerprints remain unchanged during a lifetime

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  1. plastic print ta fingerprint impressed in a soft surface.


  2. plasmabiological catalyst


  3. oxidation trapid release of oxygen with another substance


  4. safety fuse tthe decomposition of solid orgainic matter by heat


  5. plasmabiological catalyst


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