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  1. whorl t
  2. List two types of confirmation tests done possible explosives t
  3. What are the three classes of fingerprints?
  4. Briefly describe convection t
  5. what physical state must a fuel be in to produce a flame t
  1. a movement of heat through a liquid or gas
  2. b a. Arches
    b. Loops
    c. whorls
  3. c a class of fingerprints that includes ridge patterns that are round or circular and have two deltas.
  4. d Gas
  5. e Infrared spectrophotometry and x ray diffraction

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  1. Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems
  2. protein that transports oxygen to the blood
  3. Are produced when a bullet passes down the bore of a gun and markings are left on it form the land and grooves.
  4. a substance that supplies oxygen to a chemical reaction
  5. sperm bind tightly to cloth material
    they are extremely brittle and die easily
    stain rubbed on a cloth or an object

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  1. flammable range tthe entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning


  2. How do explosions get the oxygen they need for combustion to occur?a. fuel
    b. oxygen
    c. heat


  3. name two situations in which distance determination can help criminilistics determine what happened at the shooting incident tSuicide
    Self Defense Murder


  4. oxidation trapid oxidation reaction in which a subsonic pressure wave is generated.


  5. primary explosive ta high explosive that is easily detonated by heat, shock, or friction.


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