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  1. O+ blood
  2. List two types of confirmation tests done possible explosives t
  3. flammable range t
  4. lands t
  5. ridge characteristics t
  1. a the entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning
  2. b most common blood type in us
  3. c details found on the fingerprints that are unique to that individual
  4. d Infrared spectrophotometry and x ray diffraction
  5. e the raised portion between the grooves in a rifled bore.

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  1. protein that transports oxygen to the blood
  2. a substance that supplies oxygen to a chemical reaction
  3. a. Iodine Fuming
    b. Ninhydrin
    c. Physical Developer
    d. Super glue fuming
  4. the cut or low lying portions between the lands in a rifled bore.
  5. carry oxygen

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  1. What are the three classes of fingerprints?Loops


  2. name two situations in which distance determination can help criminilistics determine what happened at the shooting incident tis it blood

    from what species did the blood originate
    if the blood is human how closely can it be assosiated with a particualr individual


  3. pyrolysis tthe decomposition of solid orgainic matter by heat


  4. black powder tminimum temperature at which a liquid fuel procuces enough vapor to burn


  5. What type of reactions are both fire and explosions?Black Powder, Smokeless Powder and Chlorate Mixtures


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