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  1. what three questions must the criminalist answer when testing for blood
  2. Grooves t
  3. List several ridge characteristics
  4. Gauge t
  5. energy t
  1. a size of a shotgun
  2. b the cut or low lying portions between the lands in a rifled bore.
  3. c ability or potential to do work
  4. d a. Bifurcations
    b. Enclosures
    C. Ridge endings
  5. e is it blood

    from what species did the blood originate
    if the blood is human how closely can it be assosiated with a particualr individual

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  1. the bonds are broken
  2. the interior of the firearm barrel
  3. a verbal description of a perpetrator's physical characteristic and dress provided by a eyewitness.
  4. black powder and smokles powder
  5. a. fuel
    b. oxygen
    c. heat

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  1. flash point ta chemical reagent used to develop latent fingerprints on porous materials by reacting with amino acids in sweat.


  2. serumthe fluid portion of unclotted blood


  3. sublimation ta physical change from the solid to gas


  4. Name two drawbacks to using AFISAutomated Fingerprint Identification Systems


  5. rifling tthe diameter of the bore of a rifled firearm


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