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forensic spring final totally combined Test

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  1. Name four common chemical methods of visualizing latent prints
  2. Name three reasons why alternate light sources have replaced laser for visualzing prints.
  3. What are the 3 fundamental principles of fingerprinting?
  4. List three examples of low level explosives
  5. platelets
  1. a a. No two fingerprints have identical ridge characteristics
    b. Fingerprints remain unchanged during a lifetime
  2. b a. Iodine Fuming
    b. Ninhydrin
    c. Physical Developer
    d. Super glue fuming
  3. c Black Powder, Smokeless Powder and Chlorate Mixtures
  4. d a. they are portable
    b. commercial lights are cheaper
    c. you can select the wavelengths or light
  5. e cause the blood to clot

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  1. impressing of the inner surface of a gun barrel withspiral grooves.
  2. a physical change from the solid to gas
  3. rapid release of oxygen with another substance
  4. a chemical reagent used to develop latent fingerprints on porous materials by reacting with amino acids in sweat.
  5. a hand gun is not rifled; shot gun bullets spread out.

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  1. whorl ta class of fingerprints that includes ridge patterns that are round or circular and have two deltas.


  2. latent fingerprint tfingerprint made in ink, or blood onto a surface


  3. How is energy realeased in a chemical reaction tthe bonds are broken


  4. what is the most commonly used high explosiveANFO (Ammonium Nitrate)


  5. black powder tminimum temperature at which a liquid fuel procuces enough vapor to burn


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