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  1. what is the main function of red blood cells?
  2. flammable range t
  3. plasma
  4. choke t
  5. what three questions must the criminalist answer when testing for blood
  1. a is it blood

    from what species did the blood originate
    if the blood is human how closely can it be assosiated with a particualr individual
  2. b fluid portion of unclotted blood
  3. c the entire area of possible gas or vapor fuel that are capable of burning
  4. d an interior constriction placed at or near the muzzle end of a shotguns' barrel to control shot dispersion
  5. e carry oxygen

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  1. To detonate other explosives (primers)
  2. reaction in which heat is absorbed
  3. Low explosives propel or throw things while high explosives detonate violently and tend to crush or level things in its path.
  4. a. they are portable
    b. commercial lights are cheaper
    c. you can select the wavelengths or light
  5. minimum temperature at which a liquid fuel procuces enough vapor to burn

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  1. Portrait parle tcombnination of oxygen with another substance to produce a new substance


  2. genotypewritten form of a gene


  3. Why do secondary explosives often need a primer?because they typically only burn when lit in small quantities and do not explode


  4. secondary explosive ta cord containing a core of black powder, used to carry a flame at a uniform rate to an explosive charge


  5. list three reasons why spermatozoa are not often found in seminal fluid found in crime scenessperm bind tightly to cloth material
    they are extremely brittle and die easily
    stain rubbed on a cloth or an object


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