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  1. Claim made by the defendant against the plaintiff
  2. Money to punish the defendant for malicious, willful or outrageous acts
  3. Reasonable force is allowed
    Deadly force is not
  4. When one company so dominates (controls) a market there is no other competition
  5. Legal responsibility of manufactures and sellers for injuries cause by defective products they produce or sell
  6. The land that or object that belongs to the public

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  1. Comparative NegligenceA type of defense in a negligent suit where the defendant wants to divide the loss according to the degree of fault of each person


  2. CopyrightsOnce the original owner sells his original copy of a piece the new owner can resell that original copy


  3. PatentGiven to people who think of an idea or product to market that has never been invented before
    Does not cover creative expression


  4. TrespassTo go on another's person property without permission


  5. ConversionSomeone unlawfully exercises control over the personal property of another person


  6. Legal DefenseA legally recognized excuse for the defendant's actions


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