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  1. What are the three natural rights (inalienable) that as Americans believe we have as a republic?
  2. What are the two teachings Jesus emphasized?
  3. Who betrayed Jesus?
  4. __________ were one Jesus' favorite way to teach.
  5. Jesus
  1. a love and mercy
  2. b Parables
  3. c life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  4. d the founder of Christianity upon whose life and teachings the religion is based
  5. e Judas

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  1. 1) political instability 2)Economic and social issues 3) weakening frontiers
  2. a simple story that explains a moral or religious lesson
  3. Marcus Aurelius
  4. a philosophy that focused on developing virtue, self control, and courage as a way to achieve happiness
  5. An order.

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  1. Who identified Jesus as the Savior?Judas


  2. What are 3 structures further developed by Romans and used in Roman architecture?the arch, dome, and vault


  3. What did Edward Gibbon ask when he saw Rome in ruins?"How did such a great empire come to an end?"


  4. What was the name of the book that Edward Gibbon wrote?The latin phrase E pluribus unum meaning "out of many, one."


  5. What book did Marcus Aurelius write?Meditations


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