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  1. Chorion
  2. Anterior Pituitary
  3. Sublingual Gland
  4. Somites
  5. Medulla (kidney)
  1. a Secretes Most Mucusey Fluid
  2. b Secretes FSH and LH
  3. c makes hCG
  4. d Become bone muscle and skin
  5. e Interior

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  1. Secretes Enzymes into Small Intestine
  2. Temporary, Forms Blood Vessels of the Umbilical Cord
  3. Filters the blood out of Urine
  4. Leaves the blood to become Macrophages
  5. Suppresses Female Development

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  1. Lower Portion of EsophagusUnder Smooth Muscle Control


  2. SecretinSignals Stomach to Secrete More Acid


  3. Autocrine Signaling MoleculesMolecules that Signals Cells of the Same Type


  4. FSH in FemalesStimulates the Sertoli Cells to make sperm


  5. GastrinInvaginated cells that become different parts of the body (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm)


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