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  1. Prenatal Development
  2. Glomerulus
  3. Cortex (kidney)
  4. Platelets
  5. Ectoderm
  1. a Support Hemostasis
  2. b Exterior
  3. c Pre-embryo, Embryo, Fetus
  4. d Filters the blood out of Urine
  5. e Becomes Skin, Nervous System

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  1. Fertilized Egg, 1-3 day
  2. Fetus Responds to Environment, Fetal Movement
  3. Stimulates the Sertoli Cells to make sperm
  4. Secrets Least Mucusey Fluid
  5. Solid Mass of Cells, Results from Cleavage

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  1. LH in FemalesStimulates Leydig Cells to make Testosterone


  2. Respiratory ZonePromotes salt and water retention


  3. Loop of HenleSupports Follicular Development


  4. Corpus LuteumSecretes Estrogen and Progesterone, maintains Uterine Lining


  5. Granulosa CellsSecrete Estrogen in Response to FSH


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