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  1. Asthma
  2. Sigmoid Colon
  3. Prostate Gland
  4. How is CO2 Transported in Blood?
  5. hCG
  1. a Secretes Enzymes, Simple Sugars, Bicarbonate Ions, Prostate Specific Antigens
  2. b Spasmodic Contractions of the Bronchi
  3. c Stores Feces
  4. d Plasma Bicarbonate Ions
  5. e Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Maintains the Corpus Luteum through the First Trimester

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  1. Stores cells for Organ Development
  2. Filters the blood out of Urine
  3. Detects Lipids in Small Intestines, Signals Gall Bladder to release Bile and Pancreas to secrete Enzymes to break down Fats
  4. Hollow ball of cells
  5. Site of gas exchange

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  1. Cortex (kidney)Interior


  2. Conducting ZonePromotes salt and water retention


  3. Small IntestinePromotes salt and water retention


  4. ChorionLines Amniotic Cavity, Filled with Amniotic Fluid


  5. Neural GroovePromotes salt and water retention


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