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  1. Endoderm
  2. Gastrula
  3. Sigmoid Colon
  4. Monocytes
  5. Aldosterone
  1. a Stores Feces
  2. b Promotes salt and water retention
  3. c Becomes lining of the digestive tract, alveoli of lungs, other epithelial cells
  4. d Leaves the blood to become Macrophages
  5. e Invaginated cells that become different parts of the body (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm)

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  1. Under Skeletal Muscle Control
  2. Come from differently fertilized oocytes
  3. Absorbs Nutrients and Water, Secretes Digestive Enzymes, Digests Fats, Proteins, Carbs
  4. Solid Mass of Cells, Results from Cleavage
  5. Fertilized Egg, 1-3 day

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  1. Months 5 and 6Organs develop


  2. Acid Secreting CellsSecrete Pepsinogen which becomes Pepsin, an enzyme that helps break down food


  3. CholecystokininDetects Acid in Small Intestine, Signals Pancreas to secrete Bicarbonate to neutralize Acid


  4. HypothalamusSpasmodic Contractions of the Bronchi


  5. Months 3 and 4Fetus Responds to Environment, Fetal Movement


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