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  1. subclinical period
  2. this is native to a local region such as a frostbite in the arctic center or the sub-saharah desert for aids.
  3. the study of the causes or reasons for a phenomena (something we observe)
  4. this is risk factors such as a genetic back ground of high cholesterol.
  5. this is short lived and may have sever manifestation. This leads to chronic clinical course.

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  1. this is the time where you feel sickish but usually its not specificLatent period


  2. Allostasisthis is mostly accidental but could be intendeds or expected such as a pt having pancreatic cancer, this is expected to have diabetes because the lack of producing insulin.


  3. Chronic clinical coursethis may last months to years sometimes following an acute course like appendicitis.


  4. Idiopathica lot of primary diseases is _________ such as primary hypertension which is genetically caused.


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