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  1. Abnormalities in lungs with ards
  2. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  3. Atelectasis chest assessment
  4. Peripheral central lungs
  5. Squamous
  1. a Has double time 100 days And invades tissue in epithelium
  2. b Lg cell carcinoma is found here
  3. c Increase tactile fremitus,dull note,crackle,bronchial sounds,whisperednpectoriloquy
  4. d Is intertitial inflammation wo granuloma formation
  5. e Abnormal surfactant,interstitial edema

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  1. Surgery
  2. Uses chemical injected in blood stream and absorbed by cells
  3. Klebsiela pseudomonas staph
  4. This is low in ards pt less than 18 mmhg
  5. Foreign body tumor mucus plug

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  1. Tx or telectasisAntibiotic withdraw air or fluid is,u2,mech vent hyperinflation cpt


  2. Tx to treat palm fibrosisCorticosteroids,bronchodilator,antibiotic,diuretic,o2


  3. Palliative careIs to make pt comfortable


  4. Misc interstitial lung disease typesAsbestosis,sarcoidosis,silicosis


  5. Pft of atelectasisDecreaase ic,decrease vc


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