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  1. Two types non cell carcinoma
  2. PTA with prolonged vent support of fio2. More than 50
  3. Ards aka
  4. Cytology
  5. Signs of fibrosis
  1. a Microscopic exam of sputum
  2. b Squamous adenocarcinoma kg cell
  3. c Cough,dyspnea,ground glass,irregular opaciies
  4. d Are likely to develop fibrosis
  5. e Pump lung shock lung wet lung

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  1. Oat cell
  2. African American women,20-30 age
  3. Usually intubation and mechanical vent,cpap,peep
  4. Ards will develop ..l.after initial illness or injury
  5. Removal of whole lobe

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  1. PneumectomyRemoval of all lung


  2. Tx to treat palm fibrosisAsbestos,silicosis,berylliosis,black lung coal miners siderosis


  3. Found in alveoli of ards ptPneumonia,airation narcotic od,near drowning,fat embolism,shock,fluid overload,sepsis,trauma thorax,smoke inhale,inhale tpxins,oxygen toxicity,airway burn,mech ventHemorrhagic pancreas


  4. Ards pt with alveolar consolidation and atelectasis should be treated withCpap,peep


  5. MediastioscopyScope inserted thru incision in neck


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