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  1. Five to six
  2. Interstitial LNG disease chest assessment
  3. Mediastioscopy
  4. Symptoms advanced cancer
  5. Malignant tumors
  1. a Scope inserted thru incision in neck
  2. b Pleural friction rub,increased vocal fremitus
  3. c Invade surrounding tissues,cause necrosis
  4. d Sob,chest pain,hemoptysie,wheeze hoarse,chronic cough wt loss fatigue pneumonia bronchitis
  5. e Size Difficult to see on xray

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  1. This is low in ards pt less than 18 mmhg
  2. Foreign body tumor mucus plug
  3. Squamous adenocarcinoma kg cell
  4. Sarcoidosis
  5. Second leading cause of cancer

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  1. Best way to manage tu or in rt main bronchus during scopeBrachytherapy


  2. ArdsUsually intubation and mechanical vent,cpap,peep


  3. Obstructive atelectasisObstructs gas flow between trachea and alveoli


  4. Benign tumorsInvade surrounding tissues,cause necrosis


  5. Pulmonary fibrosis can beObstructive or restroctive


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