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  1. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  2. Vent strategy with ards
  3. Misc interstitial lung disease types
  4. Lg cell carcinoma
  5. Abnormalities in lungs with ards
  1. a Is intertitial inflammation wo granuloma formation
  2. b Grow rapidly early metastatic doubling time 100 days
  3. c Abnormal surfactant,interstitial edema
  4. d Good pastries,alveolar protein Lydia,chronic eosinophilia pneumonia
  5. e Small tidal volume high rr

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  1. Weakness,bone pain,seizures,wt loss
  2. Surgery
  3. 7.2
  4. Reduces risk one third to obe half
  5. Is fibrosis that effects esophagus

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  1. Two types of cancerNon cell small cell


  2. ArdsSecond leading cause of cancer


  3. Benign tumorsGrow slowly,are encapsulated


  4. Burns septicemia and hemorrhagic pancreatitisLg cell,squamous,adenocarcinoma


  5. Ards anaomic alterations are similar to someone withAsbestosis,sarcoidosis,silicosis


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