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  1. Interstitial lung disese can be caused by
  2. Ph goal ards
  3. Small cell aka
  4. Brachytherapy
  5. Two types of cancer
  1. a Non cell small cell
  2. b Oat cell
  3. c During a bronchoscopy if tumor found in rt man bronchus best way to manage is
  4. d Anticancer drugs
  5. e 7.2

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  1. Adenocarcinma is found here
  2. Weakness,bone pain,seizures,wt loss
  3. Lg cell carcinoma is found here
  4. Treat symptoms make comfy
  5. Asbestosis,sarcoidosis,silicosis

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  1. RadonSecond leading cause of cancer


  2. Procedures to obtain lung tissueBronchoscopy needle aspiration thoracentesis thoractomy


  3. Causes of obstructive atelectasisForeign body tumor mucus plug


  4. Pulmonary fibrosisObstructive or restroctive


  5. Xray atelectasisFissure lines,shift elevated diaphragm,opacities platelike denities


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