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  1. Ards
  2. Vent strategy with ards
  3. Pneumoconiosis
  4. Two types non cell carcinoma
  5. Interstitial lung disease sclerosis affects
  1. a Usually intubation and mechanical vent,cpap,peep
  2. b Skin, lungs
  3. c Pulmonary fibrosis caused by inhaling inorganic dust and particulate matter
  4. d Squamous adenocarcinoma kg cell
  5. e Small tidal volume high rr

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  1. Treat symptoms make comfy
  2. Xray,ct,MRI,pft,bronchi alveolar lavage,lung biopsy
  3. Hyperplasia and swelling of type 2 cells
  4. Aka ham man rich pneumoconiasis
  5. Second leading cause of cancer

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  1. Causes of ardsPneumonia,airation narcotic od,near drowning,fat embolism,shock,fluid overload,sepsis,trauma thorax,smoke inhale,inhale tpxins,oxygen toxicity,airway burn,mech ventHemorrhagic pancreas


  2. ResectionSecond leading cause of cancer


  3. Pulmonary fibrosis can beAka ham man rich pneumoconiasis


  4. Hilar regionSmall cell is found here


  5. Burns septicemia and hemorrhagic pancreatitisWeakness,bone pain,seizures,wt loss


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