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  1. Ards
  2. Peripheral central lungs
  3. Onehun fourty
  4. Clinical manifestations of ards
  5. Pawp measured with swan gantz
  1. a Lg cell carcinoma is found here
  2. b Types of pulmonary fibrosis
  3. c A form od response failure from pulmonary injury of various xauses
  4. d Low or norm pul cap wedge pressure,tachycardia,intercostal retractions,cyanosis
  5. e This is low in ards pt less than 18 mmhg

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  1. Klebsiela pseudomonas staph
  2. Can lead to ards
  3. 7.2
  4. Pleural friction rub increased vocal fremitus
    Pleural effusion honeycombing cavity formation ,granulomas,interstitial thickening
  5. Asbestos,silicosis,berylliosis,black lung coal miners siderosis

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  1. BenignRemoval of whole lobe


  2. MalignantCause necrosis and invade tissue


  3. Best way to manage tu or in rt main bronchus during scopeBrachytherapy


  4. Signs of metastatic cancerWeakness,bone pain,seizures,wt loss


  5. 24-48 hrsArds will develop ..l.after initial illness or injury


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