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  1. Peripheral central lungs
  2. Burns septicemia and hemorrhagic pancreatitis
  3. Squamous
  4. Non obstructive atelectadis
  5. Palliative therapy
  1. a Lg cell carcinoma is found here
  2. b Is to make pt comfortable
  3. c Is from surgery pun thorax pl effusion paralysis ards fibrosis
  4. d Most common form of bronchogenic carcinoma
  5. e Can lead to ards

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  1. Asbestosis,sarcoidosis,silicosis
  2. Klebsiela pseudomonas staph
  3. Cause necrosis and invade tissue
  4. Fissure lines,shift elevated diaphragm,opacities platelike denities
  5. Moderate dowry rate,metastic tendency oblong 180 days

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  1. Pawp measured with swan gantzCrackles and bronchial sounds Dyspnea,insp intercostl and suprasternal reyractions


  2. Unknown etiology of pulmonary fibrosis is calledSarcoidosis


  3. ArdsUsually intubation and mechanical vent,cpap,peep


  4. High risk interstitial Lung disease sarcoidosisAfrican American women,20-30 age


  5. MediastioscopyScope inserted thru incision in neck


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