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  1. 24-48 hrs
  2. Peripheral and central region of lunf
  3. Ards pt with alveolar consolidation and atelectasis should be treated with
  4. Drugs that may cause interstitial fibrosis
  5. Clinical manifestations of ards
  1. a Low or norm pul cap wedge pressure,tachycardia,intercostal retractions,cyanosis
  2. b Anticancer
  3. c Adenocarcinma is found here
  4. d Ards will develop ..l.after initial illness or injury
  5. e Cpap,peep

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  1. Pneumoconiosis,silicosis
  2. Are encapsulated Nd grow slowly
  3. Uses chemical injected in blood stream and absorbed by cells
  4. Removal of whole lobe
  5. Types of pulmonary fibrosis

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  1. Vent strategy with ardsPneumonia,airation narcotic od,near drowning,fat embolism,shock,fluid overload,sepsis,trauma thorax,smoke inhale,inhale tpxins,oxygen toxicity,airway burn,mech ventHemorrhagic pancreas


  2. Abnormalities in lungs with ardsAbnormal surfactant,interstitial edema


  3. ArdsSecond leading cause of cancer


  4. High risk interstitial Lung disease sarcoidosisAfrican American women,20-30 age


  5. Two types of cancerAffects swallowing and hoarseness weakness bone pain seizure and wt loss


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