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  1. Resection
  2. Brachytherapy
  3. Interstitial LNG disease chest assessment
  4. Non small cell cancer types
  5. Common secondary infection with ards
  1. a Remove part of lung
  2. b During a bronchoscopy if tumor found in rt man bronchus best way to manage is
  3. c Pleural friction rub,increased vocal fremitus
  4. d Klebsiela pseudomonas staph
  5. e Lg cell,squamous,adenocarcinoma

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  1. Abnormal surfactant,interstitial edema
  2. Adenocarcinma is found here
  3. Aggressive cancer ,grows rapidly,mestasazize early double time 30 days
  4. Microscopic exam of sputum
  5. Second leading cause of cancer

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  1. SquamousMost common form of bronchogenic carcinoma


  2. PneumectomyRemoval of all lung


  3. High risk interstitial Lung disease sarcoidosisAfrican American women,20-30 age


  4. Signs of metastatic cancerWeakness,bone pain,seizures,wt loss


  5. Benign tumorsCause necrosis and invade tissue


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