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  1. The Galapagos Islands
  2. speciation
  3. mutation
  4. adaptation
  5. fitness
  1. a ability of an individual to survive and reproduce in its specific environment
  2. b changes in the nucleotide sequence of DNA, and are the ultimate sources of new alleles
  3. c group of small islands located west of South America; the most influential to Darwin during his voyage; each island has a different climate
  4. d the emergence of a new species
  5. e something that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in its environment

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  1. favors intermediate phenotypes acting against both extreme phenotypes
  2. is the movement of individuals of gametes/spores between populations and can alter allele frequencies in a population
  3. the change in heritage traits in a population over generations (change over time)
  4. a change in the gene pool of a population due to chance
  5. acts against individuals at one of the phenotypic extremes

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  1. mutation - variation - natural selection - evolutioncentral dogma of genetics


  2. microevolutionthe change in heritage traits in a population over generations (change over time)


  3. Hardy Weinberg Principlethe total collection of genes in a population at any given time


  4. comparative anatomythe comparison of body structures


  5. biogeographythe geographic distribution of species, suggested to Darwin that organisms evolve from common ancestors


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