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  1. Split Ticket voting
  2. Litigation
  3. Reapportionment
  4. Coattail effect
  5. National Voter Registration Bill (Motor Voter Act) 1993
  1. a Casting votes for candidates of one's own party and for opposing parties
  2. b the act or process of carrying out a lawsuit
  3. c Requires states to allow people to register to vote when applying for a driver's license or completing license renewal forms
  4. d reallocation of House seats to the states on the basis of changes in state populations, as determined by the census
  5. e the influence of a popular presidential candidate on the election of congressional candidates of the same party

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  1. System in which the people elect one representative per district with a winner-take-all rule, this system strengthens the two major parties and weakens minor parties
  2. Raised hard money limits to $2000; Banned soft money contributions to national political parties
  3. group of officeholders, candidates, activists, and voters that pursue common interests by gaining power in elections and exercising power through the legislative process
  4. A Tuesday in early March in which many presidential primaries, particularly in the South, are held
  5. an election in which there is a long term change in party alignment, e.g., 1932

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  1. Incumbentone is not registered with a political party. Independent leaners tend to vote for candidates of one particular party, whereas pure independents have no consistent pattern of party voting


  2. Safe seatA state that does not consistently vote either Democratic or Republican in presidential elections


  3. Divided governmentgovernment in which one party controls the presidency while another party controls the Congress


  4. Pluralismtheory that policy making is the result of interest group competition


  5. Iron trianglean informal association of federal agency, congressional committee, and interest group that is said to have heavy influence over policy making


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