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  1. Independent
  2. Direct primary
  3. Blanket primary
  4. Incumbent
  5. Free rider problem
  1. a an officeholder who is seeking reelection
  2. b elections to choose candidates that is open to independents, and that allows voters to choose candidates from all the parties
  3. c one is not registered with a political party. Independent leaners tend to vote for candidates of one particular party, whereas pure independents have no consistent pattern of party voting
  4. d the problem faced by interest groups when citizens can reap the benefits of interest group action without actually joining, participating in, or contributing money to such groups
  5. e election in which the people choose candidates for office

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  1. an interest group that raises funds and donates to election campaigns
  2. elections in which candidates are not identified by party membership on the ballot
  3. ballot in which candidates are arranged by office rather than party. Encourages split ticket voting.
  4. theory that upper class elites exercise great influence over public policy
  5. "friend of the court" brief filed by an interest group to influence a Supreme Court decision

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  1. Redistrictingredrawing of congressional district boundaries by the party in power of the state legislature


  2. Swing StateA state that does not consistently vote either Democratic or Republican in presidential elections


  3. General electionelection of an official directly by the people rather than by an intermediary group such as the Electoral College


  4. SuperdelegateA delegate to the DNC who is there by virtue of holding an office


  5. Electoral Collegeappointing loyal party members to government positions


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