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  1. Litigation
  2. Iron triangle
  3. Dealignment argument
  4. Party platform
  5. Free rider problem
  1. a the problem faced by interest groups when citizens can reap the benefits of interest group action without actually joining, participating in, or contributing money to such groups
  2. b an informal association of federal agency, congressional committee, and interest group that is said to have heavy influence over policy making
  3. c a list of positions and programs that the party adopts at the national convention. Each position is called a plank.
  4. d contention that parties are less meaningful to voters, who have abandoned the parties in greater numbers to become independents
  5. e the act or process of carrying out a lawsuit

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  1. A Tuesday in early March in which many presidential primaries, particularly in the South, are held
  2. ballot in which candidates are arranged by party rather than office. Encourages straight ticket voting.
  3. election of an official directly by the people rather than by an intermediary group such as the Electoral College
  4. Requires states to allow people to register to vote when applying for a driver's license or completing license renewal forms
  5. elections to choose candidates that is open to independents, and that allows voters to choose candidates from all the parties

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  1. Front loadingattempting to influence policy makers


  2. Direct primaryelection in which the people choose candidates for office


  3. Pluralismtheory that policy making is the result of interest group competition


  4. Divided governmentgovernment in which one party controls the presidency while another party controls the Congress


  5. Hard moneyCampaign contributions that are not directly donated to candidates, but are instead donated to parties


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