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  1. Australian ballot
  2. Political Party
  3. Gerrymandering
  4. Interest Group
  5. Caucus
  1. a secret ballot printed at the expense of the state
  2. b redrawing district lines to favor one party at the expense of the other
  3. c An organized group that tries to influence public policy
  4. d local party meeting
  5. e group of officeholders, candidates, activists, and voters that pursue common interests by gaining power in elections and exercising power through the legislative process

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  1. term used by Madison to denote what we now call interest groups
  2. ballot in which candidates are arranged by party rather than office. Encourages straight ticket voting.
  3. an informal association of federal agency, congressional committee, and interest group that is said to have heavy influence over policy making
  4. Campaign contributions that are not directly donated to candidates, but are instead donated to parties
  5. Representatives of each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president

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  1. Hard moneycampaign contributions donated directly to candidates


  2. Elite theorytheory that upper class elites exercise great influence over public policy


  3. Reapportionmentredrawing of congressional district boundaries by the party in power of the state legislature


  4. SuperdelegateA Tuesday in early March in which many presidential primaries, particularly in the South, are held


  5. Realigning ("critical") electionan election in which there is a long term change in party alignment, e.g., 1932


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