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  1. Hard money
  2. Balancing the ticket
  3. Elite theory
  4. Pluralism
  5. Dealignment argument
  1. a occurs when a presidential nominee chooses a vice presidential running mate who has different qualities in order to attract more votes for the ticket
  2. b theory that upper class elites exercise great influence over public policy
  3. c theory that policy making is the result of interest group competition
  4. d contention that parties are less meaningful to voters, who have abandoned the parties in greater numbers to become independents
  5. e campaign contributions donated directly to candidates

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  1. government in which one party controls the presidency while another party controls the Congress
  2. Raised hard money limits to $2000; Banned soft money contributions to national political parties
  3. election of an official directly by the people rather than by an intermediary group such as the Electoral College
  4. Suspended literacy tests; Empowered federal officials to register voters; Empowered federal officials to ensure that citizens could vote; Empowered federal officials to count ballots; Prohibited states from changing voting procedures without federal permission.
  5. "friend of the court" brief filed by an interest group to influence a Supreme Court decision

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  1. Patronageappointing loyal party members to government positions


  2. Factionslocal party meeting


  3. Iron triangleelection to choose candidates that is open to independents, and in which voters may choose candidates from any one party


  4. Lobbyingattempting to influence policy makers


  5. Soft Moneyan office that is extremely likely to be won by a particular candidate or political party


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