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  1. Lobbying
  2. Patronage
  3. Hard money
  4. Blanket primary
  5. Federal Election Campaign Acts, 1971-1974
  1. a campaign contributions donated directly to candidates
  2. b appointing loyal party members to government positions
  3. c Created FEC; Required disclosure of contributions and expenditures; provided limitations on contributions and presidential election expenditures; provided subsidies for presidential candidates
  4. d elections to choose candidates that is open to independents, and that allows voters to choose candidates from all the parties
  5. e attempting to influence policy makers

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  1. A delegate to the DNC who is there by virtue of holding an office
  2. elections in which candidates are not identified by party membership on the ballot
  3. the cycle in which a person alternately works for the public sector and private sector, thus blurring the individual's sense of loyalty
  4. an interest group that raises funds and donates to election campaigns
  5. election in which the people choose candidates for office

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  1. National Voter Registration Bill (Motor Voter Act) 1993Requires states to allow people to register to vote when applying for a driver's license or completing license renewal forms


  2. Elite theoryterms of office that have a definite length of time, e.g., two years for a member of the House


  3. Independentone is not registered with a political party. Independent leaners tend to vote for candidates of one particular party, whereas pure independents have no consistent pattern of party voting


  4. Redistrictingredrawing of congressional district boundaries by the party in power of the state legislature


  5. Swing Statean office that is extremely likely to be won by a particular candidate or political party


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