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Mr.Molin's Test


an expected deliverer


supreme leader of islam, chosen as the "successor" of Muhammad


messenger who recieved holy scriptures
imam prayer leader who performs the regular service of the mosque


a cube-shaped shrine that housed a black stone believed to have been sent fromt he gods; Islam's holliest site; located in Mecca


translated as "struggle"; a personal struggle against evil


code of law based on the koran


a month in which Muslims must not eat, smoke, drink, or have sexual relations from sunrise to sunset or fasting


the pilgrimage to Mecca; all able muslims must make one at least once in their lifetime; reminder of equality between all


or Koran Islam Bible


Believe that any highly qualified person can be a Caliph


A muslim house of worship
Hijirah journey Muh. made form Makkah to Madinah; the journey marked the beg. of Islam and the Muslim Calendar


group who orginally lived in Saudi Arabia and were nomadic herders; polytheistic


a device adopted from Greeks, could measure latitude, time of day, and determine the position or movement of the stars and planets

Canon of Medicine

book which tried to summarize all medical knowledge of the time; written by Ibn Sina


the art of beautiful handwriting
revelation a situation or vison where God reveals something to man


attempt to change lead into gold lead to developments in chemistry


a collection of poems; Omar Khayyam wrote it

Arabian Nights

or A thousand and One nights, a collection of stories

Abu Bakr

first caliph; Muh's father-in-law and close friend


Last caliph; Muh.'s son-in-law; he married Muh.'s daughter


one of Ali's most powerful rivals; Syrian governor and Ummayed leader (3rd claiph)

The Shiite

believed you had to be a descendant of Muh. to be a caliph; followers of Ali


dynasty which was founded by Mu'awiyah; moved capital to Damascus


Anti-Umayyad Arabs and non Arab muslims joined forces, built an army; caliph Abu'l-'Abbas, he est. dynasty and built baghdad

Harun al-Rashid

the caliph who ruled the Abbasid Empire and helped the empire reach it height

Ma'mun Abbasid

caliph who founded the House of Wisdom at Baghdad

House of wisdom

research center which specialized in the translation into arabic to diff. languages


doctor; who wrote Canon of Medicine

Omar khayyam

wrote Rubaijyat; was a persian mathematician and poet


capital of Umayyads in Spain; became known as the center for learning and intellectual life b/c of its libraries


family Muh's family; was a powerful Quraysh tribe


profession of faith-"there is only one god (Allah) and Muh. is his prophet"


Daily worship-5 times a day; guided by a precise set of rituals


alms-giving-muslims may yearly taxes to poor and needy


fast-from sunrise to sunset during the holy time of Ramadan


complex designs typical of Islamic art, combining interwining plants and geometric patterns

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