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  1. the pardner
  2. for fame
  3. the dragon
  4. gatekeeper
  5. Arcite
  1. a Who does Beowulf meet at the gate of Hereot?
  2. b Who does Beowulf fight last?
  3. c Who is the lowest ranked character?
  4. d Who dies in the Knight's Tale?
  5. e Why does Beowulf come to Hereot?

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  1. Who dresses rich, but in debt?
  2. Who uses astrology to cure people?
  3. What is a descriptive phrase that takes the place of a word? ex.: death-price
  4. Who loves to hunt?
  5. a parody of Courtley Love, the characters are ordinary people, theres repeated motifs and stock characters.

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  1. The SquireWhose real name is Hubert?


  2. The FriarWhose real name is Hubert?


  3. He killed her sonWho does Beowulf fight last?


  4. The Sergeant at the lawWho dresses rich, but in debt?


  5. the knightWho does Beowulf fight last?


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