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  1. 5 natural resources in LA
  2. Mass number
  3. Fish kill
  4. Hypothesis
  5. ethical concerns
  1. a the number of protons plus neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
  2. b • One of the ethical issues was altering their lives to create a bomb that would kill so many people. They were never able to tell anyone anything and all they were doing to creating a top bomb to destroy so many people. Another is they were always exposed to radioactivity which even killed some people at times.
  3. c This encourages plant and algae growth. When the plants and algae die, bacteria break them down. The bacteria use oxygen to do this and the oxygen levels go down. Animals and other organisms that live in the water die from lack of oxygen.
  4. d (1) Oil and natural gas, (2) Fish and shellfish, (3) Salt and sulfur, Fur-bearing animals: (4) & (5) muskrat, mink, raccoon
  5. e Prediction of the results of the experiment

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  1. a town in Northern Ukraine: where a nuclear -plant accident occurred in 1986
  2. the end or resolution of the experiment
  3. ...
  4. the release of Radiation
  5. • to study living organisms, to diagnose and treat diseases, to sterilize medical instruments and food, to produce energy for heat and electric power, and to monitor various steps in all types of industrial processes.
    • Radiation is used and produced in nuclear reactors, which controls fission reactions to produce energy and new substances from the fission products
    • used by test personnel who monitor materials and processes by nondestructive methods such as x-rays

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  1. Controlpart of an experiment used to compare the "experimental group" to. It is the "Normal" condition, or it does not contain a form of the independent variable.


  2. effect of radiation• You can develop radiation poisoning and the more amounts of radiation you absorbed, the more sick you will get. It can become fatal if too much is absorbed


  3. Salinitytwo substances that are equally mixed together, you can have maybe two or more; are mixtures made by mixing a solute and a solvent. The substance that dissolves. The substance that does the dissolving. Are homogeneous and do not show the tyndall effect. (Help with solute and solvent)


  4. Justicethe joining or 2 nuclei into one larger nuclei- lots of energy is released (occurs on the sun)


  5. Beta Decaya line of defense-prevents water from expanding and taking over the land-Mississippi River


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