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  1. decomposition
  2. Acid
  3. Radiation
  4. Atomic number
  5. Heterogeneous
  1. a Donates protons to a base
  2. b waves of energy and particles that travel from one place to another.
  3. c used to describe substances in which you can see more than one color or type of matter. Heterogeneous substances have more than one phase and a nonuniform composition.
  4. d # of protons in the nucleus of each atom; defies the element; no two number are the same (20)
  5. e one reactant is broken down into 2 or more products

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  1. # of electrons gained (-) or lost (+) in bonding
  2. the doing of good; active goodness or kindness; charity
  3. A group of atoms covalently bonded together that acts as a single ion when bonding to anotherion
  4. nutria create a problem in the marsh because they eat the marsh grasses and dig up the roots
  5. Recycle, don't litter, control chemical use, etc

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  1. EstuaryLand areas that tend to be wet or are regularly flooded for at least part of the


  2. AutonomyThe branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings- The study of the interaction of people with their environment


  3. Phaseis a visibly distinct portion of matter


  4. emulsionsare a special type of suspension. This mixture consists of two liquids that do not mix. Since the liquids do not mix, emulsions are heterogeneous. Emulsions will settle into layers when they are left standing undisturbed. Emulsions will show the tyndall effect.


  5. suspensions...


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