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  1. Effect of levees on wetland system
  2. values
  3. Wetland
  4. Base
  5. Suspension
  1. a Land areas that tend to be wet or are regularly flooded for at least part of the
  2. b mixture in which small particles of a substance are dispersed throughout a gas or liquid-are heterogeneous mixtures of a solid and a liquid in which the solid does not dissolve. Will settle when left standing undisturbed. Will show the tyndall effect
  3. c accepts protons from an acid, a water-soluble chemical compound that accepts protons from an acid (cleaning substances)
  4. d Normally, the rivers overflow their banks on a regular basis and leave sediment which rebuilds the land. With levees, this does not happen. The land settles and is not rebuilt.
  5. e Values are those things that really matter to each of us ... the ideas and beliefs we hold as special. Caring for others, for example, is a value; so is the freedom to express our opinions

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  1. Some organisms need varying salinities at different times in their life cycles
  2. You can use your drawings to determine how many atoms of each element will be in each formula. When writing the formulas for ionic bonds, the metal always comes first- It's easy to do this with something like C6H12O6 when each element is separate (balancing equations)
  3. (E coli) these bacteria live in the digestive systems of animals, including humans-indicates the dumping of animal or human waste into the water or an overpopulation of animals in the area
  4. The roots keep the soil stable. When they are destroyed, the plant dies and the soil erodes away more easily.
  5. # of electrons gained (-) or lost (+) in bonding

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  1. Barrier IslandNarrow Island along a coastline, Protect inland areas from storm damage, Provide nesting and resting for migratory birds


  2. J.R. Oppenheimera U.S. nuclear physicist


  3. Colloidal dispersions...


  4. Tyndall effectthe doing of good; active goodness or kindness; charity


  5. How fast are wetlands disappearingA football field every 30-45 minutes


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