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  1. Electron
  2. Tyndall effect
  3. effect of radiation
  4. Flotant
  5. Constant factors
  1. a is seen when a mixture makes a beam of light visible.
  2. b a floating marsh, Breaks away from underlying sediment when water rises, 3/4 of fresh marshes, Wildlife use them as dry land refuge where flooding is frequent
  3. c What stays the same
  4. d A negatively charged particle that moves around the nucleus
  5. e • You can develop radiation poisoning and the more amounts of radiation you absorbed, the more sick you will get. It can become fatal if too much is absorbed

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  1. a substance made by mixing other substances together; the process of mixing or being mixed
  2. the doing of good; active goodness or kindness; charity
  3. • You can develop cancer -can also have mental health problems-can have grief and anxiety about experiencing a radiation attack, mourning loved ones who haven't survived, dealing with potential fatal illness, and worrying about risk of cancer
  4. part of an experiment used to compare the "experimental group" to. It is the "Normal" condition, or it does not contain a form of the independent variable.
  5. a pure substance composed of two or more elements chemically combined.

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  1. valuesValues are those things that really matter to each of us ... the ideas and beliefs we hold as special. Caring for others, for example, is a value; so is the freedom to express our opinions


  2. How can non-native species (nutria) can effect and ecosystem?Because they are non-native, they have no natural enemies to control their numbers. They create a problem in the marsh because they eat the marsh grasses and dig up the roots. The roots keep the soil stable. When they are destroyed, the plant dies and the soil erodes away more easily.


  3. Suspensionmixture in which small particles of a substance are dispersed throughout a gas or liquid-are heterogeneous mixtures of a solid and a liquid in which the solid does not dissolve. Will settle when left standing undisturbed. Will show the tyndall effect


  4. How to protect LA wetlandsRecycle, don't litter, control chemical use, etc


  5. Non - Maleficencea island in the Susquehanna River, near Middletown, Pennsylvania; scene of a newar-disastrous accident at a nuclear plant in 1979 that raised the issue of nuclear-energy safety.


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