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  1. example of a renewable resources
  2. water
  3. pulp
  4. adavantages of hydroelectricity
  5. air
  1. a is a renewable resource because the pollution slowly settles out of atmosphere or gets caught in rain
  2. b trees
  3. c they don't need fuel to make electricity, no waste is left behind, and there is no pollution
  4. d soft and wet paper
  5. e is a renewable resouce becuase of the water cycle

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  1. asphalt, plastic, grease, and wax
  2. are power plants that make electricity with the energy of flowing water
  3. using furnaces and airconditioners less and turning off lights that are not in use
  4. is slowly and constantly being made from weathering rock and decaying plants
  5. burning biomass causes air pollution

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  1. uses of iron oreutensils, cars, bridges, and buildings


  2. advantages of fossil fuelsit is easy to store and move coal and oil andit's easier to get large amounts of energy from fossil fuels than from other energy resources


  3. disadvantages of hydroelectricitythey can only be built where there is moving water ther also must be a place where a lake can form behind a dam and it can also stop fish from swimming up and down the river


  4. geothermal energyenergy from sunlight that is renewable and use mirrors to make it


  5. what can be formed from crude oilgasoline, deisel fuel, and other fuels


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