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  1. important resources
  2. what happens when you burn coal
  3. uses of iron ore
  4. examples of a nonrenewable resource
  5. air
  1. a is a renewable resource because the pollution slowly settles out of atmosphere or gets caught in rain
  2. b minerals, water, air, and soil, gold, iron, copper, salt, and other solid materials
  3. c burning coal turns into a steam and then causes generators to spin and make energy
  4. d coal and copper
  5. e utensils, cars, bridges, and buildings

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  1. sunlight will not run out for billions of years and solar energy does not cost any pollution
  2. animal waste, wood, grasses, or food waste
  3. it is easy to store and move coal and oil andit's easier to get large amounts of energy from fossil fuels than from other energy resources
  4. can make electricity all day and night all year long
  5. is a resource that can be replaced

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  1. recyclingmeans to treat something so it can be used again


  2. main reason for recycllingmeans to treat something so it can be used again


  3. disadvantages of hydroelectricitythey don't need fuel to make electricity, no waste is left behind, and there is no pollution


  4. uraniumis a white material from rocks


  5. geothermal energyenergy from sunlight that is renewable and use mirrors to make it


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