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  1. disadvantages of hydroelectricity
  2. steel
  3. resource
  4. pipelines
  5. important resources
  1. a is made by making iron and other substanses and is made into cars, skyscrapers, and even paper clips
  2. b they can only be built where there is moving water ther also must be a place where a lake can form behind a dam and it can also stop fish from swimming up and down the river
  3. c minerals, water, air, and soil, gold, iron, copper, salt, and other solid materials
  4. d carry the gas to storage tanks until it is needed
  5. e is a supply that will meet a need for materials or energy

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  1. means to treat something so it can be used again
  2. is a renewable resouce becuase of the water cycle
  3. energy from high temperatures inside earth
  4. to save energy
  5. use uranium instead of fossil fuels to make steam in order to produce electricity and do not give off smoke

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  1. fossil fuelssince oil, natural gas, and coal are made from the remains of organisms


  2. uses of iron oreutensils, cars, bridges, and buildings


  3. biomassis slowly and constantly being made from weathering rock and decaying plants


  4. how to make coalplant life under certain conditions, layers of dead plants build up and form material called peat. Peat gets burried and slowly changes into soft coal and then hard coal


  5. examples of a nonrenewable resourcecoal and copper


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