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  1. Douglas MacArthur
  2. Axis
  3. Bernard Montgomery
  4. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. Czechoslovakia
  1. a British Field Marshall
  2. b a plain spoken Kansas politician
  3. c country taken over by Germany
  4. d Germany, Italy and Japan
  5. e U.S. army general

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  1. a policy involving many countries
  2. enforced an isolationist attitude
  3. a loose pledge between Germany, Italy and Japan
  4. evil German dictator
  5. the Germans "weak point"

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  1. Dec. 7 1941when Pearl Harbor was attacked


  2. North Africa"lightning war" technique


  3. Winston ChurchillItalian dictator


  4. blitzkrieg"lightning war" technique


  5. Sudenlandsymbolized misguided strategy


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