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  1. Tripartite Act
  2. Bernard Montgomery
  3. Douglas MacArthur
  4. Lend Lease Act
  5. Munich
  1. a U.S. army general
  2. b a loose pledge between Germany, Italy and Japan
  3. c symbolized misguided strategy
  4. d bypassed Neutrality Acts
  5. e British Field Marshall

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  1. Germany, Italy and Japan
  2. became powerful under Benito Mussolini
  3. the Germans "weak point"
  4. the blitzkrieging of British isles
  5. Great Britain prime minister

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  1. Dwight D. EisenhowerGreat Britain prime minister


  2. D-dayJune 6, 1944, Dooms Day


  3. Luftwaffepowerful German air force


  4. Japanese empirea policy involving many countries


  5. North AfricaHitler promises to unite all Germanic people


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