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  1. Luftwaffe
  2. Sudenland
  3. Normandy, France
  4. isolationism
  5. D-day
  1. a June 6, 1944, Dooms Day
  2. b powerful German air force
  3. c the Germanic part of Czechoslovakia
  4. d U.S. refused to participate in League of Nations
  5. e the Germans "weak point"

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  1. what brought us into WW2
  2. when Pearl Harbor was attacked
  3. a plain spoken Kansas politician
  4. National Socialist Party
  5. fell into military warlord's hands

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  1. Bernard MontgomeryBritish Field Marshall


  2. Benito MussoliniItalian dictator


  3. Battle of Britainthe site of the first joint effort


  4. Neutrality Actsenforced an isolationist attitude


  5. Lend Lease Acta loose pledge between Germany, Italy and Japan


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