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  1. Axis
  2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. Normandy, France
  4. Battle of Britain
  5. Pearl Harbor
  1. a a plain spoken Kansas politician
  2. b the blitzkrieging of British isles
  3. c the Germans "weak point"
  4. d what brought us into WW2
  5. e Germany, Italy and Japan

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  1. when Pearl Harbor was attacked
  2. Great Britain prime minister
  3. a loose pledge between Germany, Italy and Japan
  4. began WW2
  5. a policy involving many countries

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  1. Douglas MacArthurwhat brought us into WW2


  2. Third Reichsymbolized misguided strategy


  3. Sudenlandsymbolized misguided strategy


  4. Adolf HitlerU.S., Great Britain, Free France


  5. D-dayGermany, Italy and Japan


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