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  1. interim
  2. outskirts
  3. commensurate
  4. impugned
  5. syntactic
  1. a of like measure, equal, proportional
  2. b outlying areas (as of a city or town)
  3. c based on grammar
  4. d called into question, challenged to be doubted
  5. e meanwhile

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  1. slow to learn or understand
  2. proof, evidence, a profession of belief
  3. Centered on men or on a male viewpoint, especially one held to entail the domination of women by men.
  4. to be reluctant, to hesitate, an ethical or moral principle that inhibits action
  5. a positive motivational influence

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  1. armoreduneven, rough, rocky and steep


  2. wherewithalresources needed for a purpose


  3. creolhaving to do with the rise and fall of the sea


  4. presciencethe power to foresee the future


  5. utterancethe act of expressing vocally


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