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  1. storage
  2. hippocampus
  3. B Lymphocytes
  4. proactive interference
  5. flashbulb memory
  1. a the retention of encoded information over time
  2. b Form the bone marrow and release antibodies that fight bacterial infections/
  3. c a clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event
  4. d the disruptive effect of prior learning on the recall of new information
  5. e a neural center located in the limbic system that helps process explicit memories for storage

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  1. The study of paranormal phenomena, including ESP and psychokinesis.
  2. The study of relationships between the physical characteristics of stimuli, such as their intensity, and our phsychological experience of them.
  3. The central focal point in the retina, around which the eye's cones cluster.
  4. A coiled, bony, fluid-filled tube in the inner ear through which sound waves trigger nerve impusles.
  5. The sense of body movement and position, including the sense of balance

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  1. oversimplificationa measure of memory in which the person need only identify items previously learned, as on a multiple-choice test.


  2. parathyroidnext to thyroid; secretes parathormone; controls level of calcium


  3. posterior pituitaryThis part of the pituitary does not produce hormones, but stores and releases oxytocin and ADH.


  4. norepinephrinestimulates the sympathetic nervous system


  5. sensory cortexA an area in the temporal lobe of the brain that is reponsible for hearing.


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