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  1. In amphibians, gases are exchanged through the gills, lungs and
  2. The external structure known as the "third eyelid" that protects the frog's eye under water
  3. Echinoderms have what characteristics
  4. The subphylum of chordates that makes up 95% of all the chordates is
  5. During metamorphosis in frogs
  1. a skin
  2. b vertebrata
  3. c symmetry, ossicles, tube feet
  4. d nicitating membrane
  5. e lugs replace gills, limbs develop, and the tail disappears

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  1. a notochord that remains through their life cycle
  2. spine like
  3. mark trails for members to find their way back to the nest.
  4. Asteroidea
  5. paired, winglike pectoral fins, primarily bottom dwellers, whiplike tail

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  1. The symmetry exhibited by adult echinoderms isradial


  2. Veins carry bloodtoward the heart


  3. The vertebrate body system that includes the brain spinal cord, nerves, and sensory organs isthe lateral line system


  4. Sea urchins and sand dollars are members of the classechinoidea


  5. Ophiuroidea meanhedgehog skin


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