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  1. What is not found in all vertebrates
  2. Sea cucumbers belong to the phylum
  3. Outpockets at the anterior end of chordates, sometimes referred to as gill slits
  4. Amphibians that have snakelike bodies as no legs belong to the order
  5. The class of Echinoderms that are very small, flattened, circular, with a row of circumference is
  1. a Concentricyloidea
  2. b Echinodermata
  3. c vertebral column
  4. d Apoda
  5. e pharyngeal pouches

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  1. skin
  2. liver and pancreas
  3. spine like
  4. toward the heart
  5. metathorax

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  1. Sea stars are members of the classAsteroidea


  2. The class osteichthyes includesbony fish


  3. The subphylum of chordates that makes up 95% of all the chordates isvertebrata


  4. The skeleton of an echinoderm is composed of individual plates calledmetamorphosis


  5. The surface of the starfish that contains the mouth is theoral


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