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  1. Outpockets at the anterior end of chordates, sometimes referred to as gill slits
  2. The subphylum of chordates that makes up 95% of all the chordates is
  3. Sea lilies and feather stars are members of the class
  4. Asteroidea means
  5. Member of the honeybee caste system that makes beeswax, collects nectar, and is sterile is the
  1. a vertebrata
  2. b starlike
  3. c worker
  4. d Crinoidea
  5. e pharyngeal pouches

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  1. paired, winglike pectoral fins, primarily bottom dwellers, whiplike tail
  2. pyloric ceca
  3. double life
  4. are bilaterally symmetrical as larvae and radially symmetrical as adults
  5. lampreys and hagfish

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  1. Sea cucumbers belong to the phylumHolothuroidea


  2. Lampreys and hagfishes havea notochord that remains through their life cycle


  3. The skeleton of an echinoderm is composed of individual plates calledossicles


  4. A sand dollar is a member of the phylumAsteroidea


  5. What is NOT a characteristic of the insect circulatory systemclosed circulatory system


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