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  1. The series of changes in the life cycle of a frog is called
  2. Some sea stars can reproduce asexually by
  3. Sea stars are members of the class
  4. Frogs reproduce in water or moist places because their eggs
  5. What is NOT a characteristic of the insect circulatory system
  1. a dividing in half through the central region and regenerating the missing halves
  2. b closed circulatory system
  3. c are fertilized externally, have a jelly-like coating that is permeable to water, and will dry out if removed from moisture.
  4. d metamorphosis
  5. e Asteroidea

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  1. kidneys
  2. Holothuroidea
  3. an endoskeleton
  4. oral
  5. Ophiuroidea

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  1. In the internal anatomy of bony fish, the following are accessory organs to the digestive systemliver and pancreas


  2. Echinoidea meansspine like


  3. Toads, like frogshave two wings and three pairs of legs


  4. Most insectsstarlike


  5. Which of the following would not be an advantage of the endoskeleton found in all vertebratesIt helps prevent desiccation in terrestrial vertebrates


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