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  1. Sea lilies and feather stars are members of the class
  2. What is not a characteristic of class Agnatha
  3. What is not a characteristic of the reproductive system of bony fish
  4. The swim bladder
  5. Chemoreception:smells and tastes::
  1. a asexual
  2. b allows fishes to become more buoyant
  3. c Crinoidea
  4. d lateral line : vibrations
  5. e dry skin with many scales

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  1. lampreys and hagfish
  2. ray-finned fishes
  3. liver and pancreas
  4. are fertilized externally, have a jelly-like coating that is permeable to water, and will dry out if removed from moisture.
  5. nicitating membrane

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  1. The gills of bony fishesmay live in ponds that periodically dry up, have lungs, can breathe air


  2. The organ of a fish that filters the blood is thekidney


  3. The subphylum of chordates that makes up 95% of all the chordates isCrinoidea


  4. The skeleton of an echinoderm is composed of individual plates calledCrinoidea


  5. The operculumcovers and protects the gills


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