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  1. The series of changes in the life cycle of a frog is called
  2. The class osteichthyes includes
  3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of most insects
  4. Ophiuroidea mean
  5. During metamorphosis in frogs
  1. a lugs replace gills, limbs develop, and the tail disappears
  2. b an endoskeleton
  3. c metamorphosis
  4. d snake tail
  5. e bony fish

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  1. echinoidea
  2. starlike
  3. pollinating crop plants
  4. they reproduce in large numbers, they evolved the ability to fly, and several species can inhabit an area without competing for food
  5. spine like

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  1. Most insectshave two wings and three pairs of legs


  2. 95% of all known fishes belong to the classChondrichthyes


  3. The most familiar group of bony fishes are theconsists of 4 sets of bones on each side of the head


  4. Amphibians without tails are classified in the orderEchinodermata


  5. Some sea stars can reproduce asexually bybony fish


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