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  1. The adult amphibian heart
  2. Veins carry blood
  3. Member of the honeybee caste system that makes beeswax, collects nectar, and is sterile is the
  4. The most familiar group of bony fishes are the
  5. Basket stars and brittle stars are members of the class
  1. a worker
  2. b Ophiuroidea
  3. c toward the heart
  4. d ray-finned fishes
  5. e has three chambers

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  1. liver and pancreas
  2. lugs replace gills, limbs develop, and the tail disappears
  3. Apoda
  4. closed circulatory system
  5. paired, winglike pectoral fins, primarily bottom dwellers, whiplike tail

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  1. What is not part of the external anatomy of a bony fish (perch)pyloric ceca


  2. What is the system of water-filled canals connected to the tube feet in echinoderms is calledradial


  3. Which of the following would not be an advantage of the endoskeleton found in all vertebratesIt helps prevent desiccation in terrestrial vertebrates


  4. The primary excretory organs in frogs arelampreys and hagfish


  5. Which of the following are sessile as adultssand dollars


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