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  1. During metamorphosis in frogs
  2. Sea urchins and sand dollars are members of the class
  3. The primary excretory organs in frogs are
  4. Sea lilies and feather stars are members of the class
  5. What phylum is Vertebrates, tunicates, and lancelets
  1. a are all members of the phylum chordata
  2. b lugs replace gills, limbs develop, and the tail disappears
  3. c Crinoidea
  4. d kidneys
  5. e echinoidea

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  1. Echinodermata
  2. bony fish
  3. It helps prevent desiccation in terrestrial vertebrates
  4. pollinating crop plants
  5. cloaca

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  1. The organ of a fish that filters the blood is thekidney


  2. What is NOT a characteristic of the insect circulatory systemclosed circulatory system


  3. Echinodermsgenerally return to the water to reproduce


  4. Outpockets at the anterior end of chordates, sometimes referred to as gill slitspharyngeal pouches


  5. The series of changes in the life cycle of a frog is calledkidney


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