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  1. Resonance Structures
  2. 4 ED
  3. Polar Covalent
  4. Hydrogen and Lewis Structures
  5. 2 ED
  1. a Orbital Hybridization sp
  2. b 0.4-1.0
  3. c H is never the central atom.
  4. d Two or more Lewis structures that are equally good representations of the bonding in a molecule or ion. Usually differ only in the positions of multiple bonds or single, unpaired electrons.
  5. e Orbital Hybridization sp3

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  1. A bond in which one atom attracts the pair of electrons more strongly than the other atom.
  2. The arrangement of electron domains around the central atom of a molecule.
  3. 1.0-2.0
  4. A region around an atom in which electrons will most likely be found. Produced by a nonbonding pair, a single bond, a double bond, or a triple bond.
  5. The arrangement of only the atoms in the molecule.

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  1. More than Octet RuleP, S, Cl, Br, I


  2. Chemical BondA strong force of attraction that holds two atoms together. Involves the valence electrons of atoms.


  3. EDG TetrahedralMG Tetrahedral
    MG Trigonal pyramidal
    MG Nonlinear


  4. 5 EDOrbital Hybridization sp3


  5. Dipole MomentA molecule with one end having a slight positive charge and the other end having a slight negative charge due to differences in electronegativity. Arrow points towards the more electronegative element.


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