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  1. Ambrose Burnside
  2. Battle of Fredericksburg
  3. group of commanders who fought for Confederacy
  4. Where Lee surrendered to Grant
  5. scalawag
  1. a Appomattox Courthouse, VA on April 9, 1865
  2. b Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, PGT Beauregard
  3. c known for the catastrophe at Marye's Heights. 9,000 union soldiers were killed in a disasterous charge up Marye's Heights at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Also known for his facial hair. His men would not cheer him after Fredericksburg. Also known as Crater Incident at Petersburg
  4. d Confederate victory. Marye's Heights. Northern lights appeared in the sky
  5. e a southerner who has northern sympathies

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  1. last major battle of the war. Intense hand to hand combat. Lee surrendered to Grant there.
  2. fighting on own soil, great commanders, used to outdoor living
  3. famous spy for the Confederacy
  4. the north's plan to win the war-get control of the MS river and cut the south in two, capture Richmond, blockage the southern coast
  5. Pres and VP of Confederacy

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  1. Clara BartonSherman did this when he marched to the sea-destroyed everything in his path


  2. John Wilkes Boothcame up with the idea of controlling the MS river and blockading the south to achieve victory for the north


  3. Emancipation Proclamationdocument written by Abraham Lincoln which freed the slaves in all the southern states except the border states


  4. Gettysburg AddressThis inspiring address at the battlefield in Gettysburg helped war weary Americans focus on their shared ideals. Lincoln's masterpiece


  5. William Tecumseh Shermanunion commander for the march to the sea. Believed in waging war on civilians. Total War


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