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  1. Albert Sidney Johnston
  2. First Bull Run
  3. George McClellan
  4. battle of Appomattox Courthouse, VA
  5. Years of the civil war
  1. a last major battle of the war. Intense hand to hand combat. Lee surrendered to Grant there.
  2. b Lincoln's first choice for commander of the Union forces, but he would not attack
  3. c the "picnic battle" - civilians came and brought picnics to watch the battle. After this battle, both sides realized it was going to be a long war
  4. d commander of the Confederate army at Shiloh. Bled to death under a tree at this battle.
  5. e 1861-1865

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  1. a southerner who has northern sympathies
  2. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, PGT Beauregard
  3. Angel of the battlefield, she started American Red Cross
  4. This inspiring address at the battlefield in Gettysburg helped war weary Americans focus on their shared ideals. Lincoln's masterpiece
  5. Lee's right hand man. Was killed by his own men at the Battle of Chancellorsville

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  1. Benjamin ButlerUnion commander at New Orleans.Known for the chamber pot incident.


  2. Richmond, VAthe north's plan to win the war-get control of the MS river and cut the south in two, capture Richmond, blockage the southern coast


  3. North's main goalwin recognition as independent nation


  4. John Wilkes Boothfamous spy for the Confederacy


  5. south's main goalwin recognition as independent nation


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