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  1. Ft. Sumter
  2. Winfield Scott
  3. capital of the union during the civil war
  4. First Bull Run
  5. scalawag
  1. a Washington, DC
  2. b the first battle of the civil war. Fought in a fort in Charleston Harbor. South won. Only casualty was a horse.
  3. c the "picnic battle" - civilians came and brought picnics to watch the battle. After this battle, both sides realized it was going to be a long war
  4. d came up with the idea of controlling the MS river and blockading the south to achieve victory for the north
  5. e a southerner who has northern sympathies

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  1. day Lincoln surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, VA
  2. place where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while watching "Our American Cousin"
  3. horrific battle in which 200 men were burned alive
  4. Pres and VP of Confederacy
  5. one of the most brutal prison camps in Civil War. Union prisoner of war camp near Andersonville, GA

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  1. Pickett's charge15,000 Confederates attacked the union line at the Battle of Gettysburg and were destroyed. Led by George Pickett. Crater Incident happened here.


  2. Group of commanders who fought for the UnionGeorge McClellan, Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman


  3. battle of Appomattox Courthouse, VAlast major battle of the war. Intense hand to hand combat. Lee surrendered to Grant there.


  4. Richmond, VAthe north's plan to win the war-get control of the MS river and cut the south in two, capture Richmond, blockage the southern coast


  5. Where Lee surrendered to Grantfinal commander of Union army. He would not retreat


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