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  1. Physical Development of Infant/Toddler
  2. Materials/Activities for Infants/Toddlers
  3. Grades 3-5 Emotional
  4. Materials/Activities for Social Development in Preschool Age Children
  5. Grades 3-5 Cognitive
  1. a Fine Motor Dev: Reaching/Grasping. Gross Motor Dev: Crawling, standing, walking. Like to manipulate small objects. Enjoy painting, water play, etc but need significant amount of rest and sleep.
  2. b Pretend play, dramatic play, dress up, turn taking games, etc.
  3. c Reading to, talking to, singing to child. Playing (classical) music, rattles, nesting blocks, peekaboo, unbreakable mirrors
  4. d Begin comparing themselves with others.
  5. e Look for patterns in their environment.

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  1. Enjoy playing in pairs, begin to build flexible friendship, sharing is more common, dramatic play is important
  2. Develop deeper interest in the subjects they study and are able to learn more independently than they did in earlier grades.
  3. Develop relatively stable groups of friends.
  4. Like working in groups and learning from peers.
  5. Place high priority on making friends and being liked.

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  1. Cognitive Development of School Age ChildrenCan spend extended period of time on activities, experiment with cause/effect, interested in quantity of everything and shapes and colors, vocabulary growth, understands words, interested in reading and writing.


  2. Grades 3-5 EmotionalDevelop relatively stable groups of friends.


  3. Materials/Activities for Cognitive Dev in Preschool Age ChildrenConstruction Materials, art materials for expression, reading, block building, puzzles.


  4. Grades 3-5 CognitiveDevelop relatively stable groups of friends.


  5. Grades 3-5 PhysicalDevelop relatively stable groups of friends.


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