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  1. Didactic Literature
  2. Myth
  3. Plato
  4. Theogony
  5. Greece Creation- Part 1
  1. a -Uranus and Gaia had children, had grand kids
    -Krono's swallowed his children to protect himself.
    -Rhea hid child and gave him a rock
    -Zeus grew up and tricked Krono's into giving up other children.
    -After war, Zeus as their leader, they began to furnish Gaia with life and Uranus with stars.
  2. b A traditional, sacred narrative explaining how the world and man come to be in their present forms
  3. c was a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, student of Socrates, writer of philosophical dialogues, and offers a Cosmogony and Cosmology of universe and mankind.
  4. d Inclined to teach or lecture others
  5. e "the birth of the gods") is a poem by Hesiod. Describing the origins and genealogies of Greek polytheism, composed circa 700 BC.

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  1. "The Underworld"
  2. 8th Century BC. Historical Figure, Farmer, Boeotia.
    2 main works: Theogony, Works and Days
  3. Roman Poet.
  4. is any scientific theory concerning the coming into existence, or origin, of the cosmos or universe, or about how what sentient beings perceive as "reality" came to be.
  5. Son of Cronos and Rhea, Husband of Hera. Supreme God. Ultimate Progenitor. Lighting, thunder, justice.

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  1. Uranos"Love"


  2. Ages of ManGolden Age-Perpetual Spring
    -Silver Age- Seasons, farming
    -Bronze Age- warfare, but not impious
    -Iron Age-Greed, Sailing, mining, war, violatiion of proper roles (guest-host)


  3. Etiological Mythsthe study of causation, or origination


  4. Eros"Love"


  5. Greek Creation PhasesGaia+Ouranos --> 12 Titans, 3 Cyclopes, 3 Hundred Handers. Ouranos keeps the children within Gaia. Gaia trick, gives sickle to Cronos. Gaia and Cronos castrate Uranus.


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