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  1. Etiological Myths
  2. Birth of Athena
  3. Titanomachy
  4. Ovid
  5. Hesoid
  1. a Roman Poet.
  2. b Zeus & Siblings vs. Kronos and Titans
    Zeus' Side: Themis, Prometheus, Cyclopes, Hecatonchires.
    Kronos Side: All the other Titans (Atlas)
  3. c 8th Century BC. Historical Figure, Farmer, Boeotia.
    2 main works: Theogony, Works and Days
  4. d the study of causation, or origination
  5. e Zeus ate Metis ("wisdom") and began to have a very bad headache. Hephaestus (God of Forge) split Zeus's head and out comes Athena fully armored.

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  1. "Earth"
  2. is the discipline that deals with the nature of the Universe as a whole. Seek to understand the origin, evolution, structure, and ultimate fate of the Universe at large.
  3. a Latin narrative poem in fifteen books by the Roman poet Ovid, describing the history of the world from its creation. Chaos- different from Hesiod's. Unknown God or Kindly Nature ended the strife.
  4. Inclined to teach or lecture others
  5. Foam-Born Goddess

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  1. Theogony"the birth of the gods") is a poem by Hesiod. Describing the origins and genealogies of Greek polytheism, composed circa 700 BC.


  2. Plato"Salt Sea"


  3. Greece Creation Part 2-Zeus summoned Prometheus and Epimetheus and instructed to go to Earth and create men and animals.


  4. Tartarus"The Underworld"


  5. MythA traditional, sacred narrative explaining how the world and man come to be in their present forms


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