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theology final study guide

What is Sacred Scripture?

Sacred Scripture is one of the Deposits of Faith. It deals with the Bible. The official list of inspired books of the Bible.

What is Divine Revelation?

Divine revelation is God revealing Himself to us because our human minds are limited. God's free gift of self-communication that helps us understand His plan for us.

What is Virtue?

Moral excellence and righteousness.

What is an Atheist? Agnostic?

An atheist is someone who denies the existence of God. An agnostic is someone who refuses to take a stand on whether or not God exists; they believe that it cannot be known.

What was Peter? Why was he so special?

Peter was appointed the leader of the Church by Jesus Christ himself. Peter was the first pope. The first among the apostles. Christ gave him the keys to heaven; the church was built on him.

What is Faith?

Our positive response to God's revelation

What does the word "YAHWEH" mean?

"I am who am"

What is Dogma?

The body of saving truths and core belief.

What does Transcendence mean? Immanence?

Transcendence-that God by nature is beyond the world and beyond the comparison of humans Immanence- he is with us right here, unless he sends us to hell.

What is the Epiphany?

In the Epiphany, Jesus revealed himself as the Messiah to the non-Jewish wise men from the east signifying that Christ is the Savior of the entire world.

What is Docetism?

Docetism stated that Jesus only appeared to be human.

What is the Incarnation?

The Incarnation is the essential Christian belief that the Son of God became human in the person of Jesus Christ.

What is the core of our faith?

The Resurrection.

Who was at Jesus' side during the transfiguration?

The prophets Moses and Elijah were at Jesus side during the Transfiguration.

How can you experience Jesus?

You can experience Jesus today through the sacraments, prayer, and in his body, the Church; everywhere.

Where can we find records of Jesus' teachings? Are the Gospels the earliest written record?

in ancient writings before the Bible was written.

What was the Annunciation?

The annunciation was when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her she was to have a son, name him Jesus, and that he would be the savior of the world. Her initial yes.

What is the Paschal Mystery?

The Paschal Mystery is God and his saving plan is beyond our understanding.

What is a paradox?

Paradox- two statements that seems contradictory but actually contains a hidden truth.

Which Gospels are synoptic?

Matthew, Mark, and Luke are synoptic.

Who accused Christ of being a sorcerer?


What is a stereotype?

Popular belief about a specific group of types of individual.

What is a prejudice?

Prejudice is predefined judgment about people.

What is the Liturgy?

Public and communal worship of the church.

Who are the Evangelists?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

What does Kerygma mean?


When does the Talmud record Christ's death?


28. What are the criticisms?

Historical, form, redaction.

What does Anno Domini mean?

In the year of our Lord.

What is Gnosticism?

The belief that Jesus gave a secret knowledge to a certain peoples.

How should we baptize?

In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit.

What beliefs are reflected in the creed?

Incarnation and the trinity

Who is God?

The father, the son, and the holy spirit, the supreme being, creator, the I AM

Where is God the Father revealed, The Holy Spirit and Jesus? What word describes them? What word describes their relationship? What is their relationship with one another?

In the old and new testaments, consubstantial, relation.

What does omnipotent mean?

God has unlimited power

What was Jesus' mission?

To reveal himself as the son of God.

When did the apostles fully understand who Jesus was?

After the Resurrection

What is significant about the "I AM" statement?

Telling the world that they are the beginning and the end.

Where does the word spirit come from?


What is a grace?

A gift of benevolence

What is Theology?

The study of the existence and attributes of God.

Who is Mary? Why is she significant?

The Mother of Jesus, the greatest saint

What books reveal Jesus' geneology? Where does each begin?

Matthew and Luke; matthew: Abraham, luke: adam

What are the first five books of the bible called?


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